Day 2187: Be a hero.

“Be a hero” — a sign I saw yesterday —


reminds me of a post I wrote my second week of blogging, almost six years ago: Day 11: You might as well be the hero of your own story.

As you can see from the blog title and from the post itself, being a blogging hero, back then, meant using far more words and a lot fewer photos.

I guess being a hero changes as we grow, learn, and mature.

Be a hero, to me, and check out my other photos from yesterday.













Last night, Michael was being a hero by making our favorite vegetable lasagna for me and my son Aaron.

Because I’m feeling nostalgic today, here’s the first appearance of my hero Michael and his heroic lasagna in my blog (starting at 1:23).

Be a hero and please leave a comment, below.

Being a hero includes expressing appreciation and gratitude, so thanks to every hero who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU, my heroes!


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17 thoughts on “Day 2187: Be a hero.

  1. That lasagne looks darn good!

  2. You have developed your posts from mostly text to mostly photographs in a similar way to me

  3. When I was going through a really tough stretch earlier this year, I would play this song to buck up my spirits. “We could be heroes- just for one day.” Life can be overwhelming. It was the “one day” part I needed to hear.

  4. You are my blogging hero – at 2223 posts – that’s crazy – you are like a blogging super hero. I think you shoukd wear a cape. Have a good day Ann!!!!!

  5. I made lasagne last night, too. Sort of. It was an heroic attempt to feed a large group of hungry people using only whatever was on hand — which wasn’t much. The lasagne was heavily weighted towards butternut squash, and instead of lasagne noodles there were two layers of spinach ravioli, all held together by tomato sauce, ricotta and parmesan. Somehow, it worked out.

    I remember your blog when it was wordier. I loved it, because you were very reflective. You were wrestling with all kinds of things. It’s all still here, preserved in your archives, and I recommend your newer readers read the posts from your first couple of years. Very worthwhile. I also like your photo-oriented posts and chattier style. They work well with my busy life, as I don’t know if I would have the time to read something longer every morning.

    Whether or not I’ve responded, I’ve read every one of your posts on The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally. I’ve come away every single time thinking that you are one of the world’s heroes.

  6. A few days before Christmas I listened to a discussion of Sir Gawain & The Green Knight. Something the scholars were emphatic about is that showing fear in the end makes Gawain more of a hero. Recognizing that our heroes are human and have weaknesses makes us better able to be heroes ourselves.

  7. Ahh…a heroic post by a true hero! \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////

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