Day 2186: OMG!

OMG! It’s my first post with “OMG!” in the title!

OMG! It’s about time, because it’s my two thousand, one hundred, and eighty-sixth* consecutive post!

OMG! Here’s the inspiration for today’s post title!


OMG! It was Christmas yesterday and here are the rest of my OMG! It’s Christmas photos!

OMG! Did you get a good look at that cat ornament on Michael’s sister’s Christmas tree?



OMG!  Michael’s sister Lydia …


… loves to skate and loves Snoopy, so it makes sense that her husband Bob (who’s OMG! at the stove in that picture) gave her this OMG! Christmas present last year:

OMG!  Bob gave Lydia another skating Snoopy this year!


OMG!  I didn’t take a video of that one in motion.

OMG!  I’m looking forward to your comments.

OMG! I am so grateful to those who help me create all my OMG! blog posts and to you — OMG! — for reading them. And — OMG!  — I hope you had a Merry Christmas,  Catmas,


or whatever day you celebrated. OMG!



*OMG! When I first published this I thought it was post #2222, but it’s never too late to correct your mistakes.

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30 thoughts on “Day 2186: OMG!

  1. Happy Holidays!!!

  2. woo hoo!

  3. OMG! 2222!! 🤗

  4. Here’s to more great times, Ann. Many, many more.

  5. Ann – OMG – I am glad Christmas is over. And by the way – how would one wash that dress with the sparkly garland fringe?

    • OMG, SD, I am so glad to see you whenever you visit here. Lydia added that fringe to the dress, so I assume she would remove it before washing. OMG,I love your comments and questions and I hope you’re having a Happy Post-Christmas!

  6. OMG! Every time I meet someone named Lydia I bring up Groucho’s song about the tattooed lady, and then once it’s out there I promise never to mention it again. It’s just as fun to talk about Snoopy anyway whose adventures with The Red Barron are, OMG, so funny.

  7. Congratulations on 2222! I don’t know how you do it every day! But I’m glad you do. I don’t always catch your blog the same day as you post, but I love going back and being entertained You rock!

    • OMG, Claudia! It takes one rocking blogger to know another one. Let’s both keep rocking and blogging and entertaining each other into 2019 and beyond!. ❤

    • Hi Claudia! I need to share that I miscounted and discovered that today. So this was only my 2186th post, but we both still rock, no matter what the numbers are!

  8. O(⁎Mᆺ˂)G! 2222 funneh (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆☆☆☆☆

  9. OMG is a crazy cat

  10. I’ll add my OMG in amazement at your prolific ability to produce posts! You are really fabulous, Ann. I hope the new year continues to bring good health and contentment. In many ways the past year has felt a little bumpy and I think we could use a little mental rest (speaking of the political noise, in particular). Maybe we bloggers/followers need to support the effort to tune out just a little of the noise and purpose to have a “quieter” year. That intention would get my vote! 🙂

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