Day 2185: Taking note

On this Christmas Day, I’m taking note of  people I love.

On Christmas Eve, my son Aaron’s cousin, Victoria, took note of Aaron’s habit of taking notes about what he finds interesting and funny, turning those notes into stand-up comedy routines.  Take note of two of the gifts Victoria gave Aaron:




There’s Aaron, taking notes with the enormous pencil and tiny notebook that Victoria gave him. As usual, I’m wondering  about what notes he’s taking. I’m  taking note that people who love Aaron also gave him a scarf and “Leonardo da Vinci” by my classmate Walter Isaacson.

It’s time for taking note of the love  and joy in my other photos from Christmas Eve.






Because people I love are taking note that it’s time to recycle or die, our Yankee Swap last night was environmentally conscious. Take note of Victoria’s email to us about this:

This year it will be an environmentally conscious swap!

What this means is: 1. Gifts have to have some sort of positive impact on the environment 2. Gifts must be able to be used by everyone in some capacity 3. There is a $25 limit

As we all know the state of our climate is going downhill fast, so this is a good way to make a positive impact this Christmas.

Some examples of gifts are: reusable shopping bags, reusable produce bags, metal/paper straws, locally sourced honey, composting kits, non plastic wrap covers for leftovers, fair trade chocolate, etc.

I’m taking note, here and now, of all the environmentally conscious chocolate I got last night in the swap.


I’m also taking note of the notes on the socks I wore last night:


Now it’s time for taking note of how to play the notes of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on a keyboard.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Love and joy,


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31 thoughts on “Day 2185: Taking note

  1. Merry Christmas and congratulations on a wonderful Yankee Swap! And I’m glad both Victoria and Aaron are looking to the future by taking note of what matters.

  2. A happy gallery

  3. I love the photo of Aaron taking note. “Walk softly and carry a big pencil.” It is very cool that Walter Issacson is your classmate. I gave one of his books (I think it is about precision engineering) to one of my kids for Chanukah.
    Your socks are notable, too. Off the scale!

  4. A ton of spirit oozes in this post Ann. Merry Christmas!

  5. I have a feeling Aaron will make the most of his No. 200 pencil, Ann! Happy big day to you and yours.

  6. Merry Christmas!!

  7. love those socks Ann!

  8. Merry Christmas Ann and Family πŸ™‚

  9. I loved all your photos but I am definitely taking note of those socks, they are great!!! Merry Christmass to you Ann!!!

  10. Lovely post. Best wishes to and yours for the rest of the year and for a happy, healthy year ahead.

  11. Beautiful peeps and celebration πŸŽ‰ merry Christmas Ann πŸ’›

  12. Wlow! How fortunate to know Walter Isaacson! This reminded me I wanted to order his book about Leonardo da Vinci, which I shall do when I get off this site!

  13. Meowy Christmas, Ann! β™ͺΩ©(βœΏβ€²α—œβ€΅βœΏ)ΫΆβ™ͺ

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