Day 2180: Breaking the silence

I’m having trouble sleeping, and I’m breaking the silence in the middle of the night by creating today’s blog post, early.  I’m also breaking my personal rule about not checking the news when I can’t sleep and noticing that news headlines often report on somebody breaking the silence (like this story,   here).

Breaking the silence is often a good thing, wouldn’t you agree?

Yesterday, my son was breaking the silence by Face-Timing me about his imminent holiday home-coming from the University of Edinburgh.  During our long discussion, I captured these images of us breaking silences.

I am now breaking my silence about how much my son looks like Vincent Van Gogh in those last two photos.

At other parts of the day, I was breaking the silence with these clicks of my iPhone camera:








I like the way pugs break the silence.

Here‘s Breaking Benjamin with “Breaking the Silence.”


I look forward to people breaking the silence with comments, below.

I’m now breaking the silence with my gratitude for all who helped me create this breaking-the-silence post and — of course! — for YOU.




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18 thoughts on “Day 2180: Breaking the silence

  1. Just make sure Aaron keeps both ears

  2. I enjoy the sound of your mind, Ann.

  3. I’m breaking my silence to say I’ve stopped watching the news daily. I check in on the soap opera every now and then and then go hug a puppy. Cheers me up. What a nice thing to look forward to, a visit with Aaron. What gourmet treats will Michael create? We can hardly contain our silence as we wait for your cheerful comments. Enjoy!

  4. Aaron’s resemblance to Van Gogh, Harley’s bemused contemplation of a DNA test, and the pile of pugs all made me laugh out loud, or “LOL” as the kids call it. Is there any better way to break the silence?

  5. breaking the silence – what I’m doing right now by leaving this comment and affirming your decision to break the silence of your very loud and intrusive insomnia. Sort of like the news these days that never sleeps. Interruptions are magnificent. Almost as magnificent as silent night on Christmas Eve! 🙂
    Elouise – comment seconded by Smudge (Prince Oliver Smudge the Second, my cat) who says he wants to break the silence of your cat and have a fiesty party!

  6. I wonder if you will find some long lost relatives through 23andMe?

  7. Soon my silence will be broken by the joyful voices of my grandkids and their mothers when they come to visit. Enjoy your son’s visit. Happy holidays!

  8. Some times you need to break the silence, although I do like silence

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