Day 2179: Departures

It’s not a departure to start this blog with a photo


or a definition.


the action of leaving, typically to start a journey.
“the day of departure”
synonyms: leaving, going, leave-taking, withdrawal, exit, egress, retreat
“he tried to delay her departure”
a deviation from an accepted, prescribed, or traditional course of action or thought.
“a departure from their usual style”
synonyms: deviation, divergence, digression, shift
the east–west distance between two points, especially as traveled by a ship or aircraft and expressed in miles.

It’s also not a departure for me to riff on a definition.  “He tried to delay her departure” reminds me of the discussion and controversy about Baby It’s Cold Outside (mentioned here by fellow WordPresser Kat).

Also, it’s not a departure for me to reveal how a blog title relates to my life. I’ve been thinking about several departures lately, including

Let’s look for departures (or arrivals) in my other photos from yesterday.










It’s not a departure for me to put my photos here in chronological order and then rearrange them before my daily departure from home.

It’s not a departure for me to choose music based on the contents of my blog. Here‘s “Walk Away from Love” sung by the departed David Ruffin.

Before my departure today, I invite comments and also express gratitude to all who help me with my daily blogging (including YOU).


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21 thoughts on “Day 2179: Departures

  1. Dammit! I will spend the day puzzling over the nautical definition.

  2. I love departures as they mean that not only is something leaving, but that something is coming in its place. I especially look forward to your last example.

  3. Let’s welcome joy today, Ann.

  4. I too love departures, and arrivals, as they always mean another departure somewhere which will lead to another arrival… of something/someone new, different, known…

    I too welcome joy today!

  5. Thanks for the shout out and the song. Sometimes I just walk away even when I’m not really departing.

  6. Every departure can also be an arrival somewhere else. Sometimes in life we have to walk away from something, even love, to walk toward something better.

  7. I am not sure that the comment I left for you ever arrived,so at the risk of seeming foolish, I will repeat it (although it hardly merits that!): Every departure is an opportunity to pay it forward.

  8. I do not intend to depart from the world anytime soon, to much living to do

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  10. Departure….the place where every journey starts. May we all reach our desired destinations.

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