Day 2178: Fall in love every day

Yesterday, I fell in love with the HBO documentary If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.  This lovely movie about vital and thriving people in their 90s lovingly showcases Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Dick Van Dyke, Norman Lear, Betty White, Iris Apfel, Tony Bennett, the late Stan Lee, and many lovable non-celebrities. I love this tag line for the film: “What’s the secret to living into your 90s — and loving every minute of it?”

Jerry Seinfeld, who is not in his 90s and who I hope gets there (because I love him), is also in the movie. He describes his ideas about how to live well into your 90s, which include “Fall in love every day.  I don’t mean romantic love. Fall in love with your parking space.”

Maybe I WILL make it into my 90s, because I fall in love every day, with my parking space and many other things.   Do you see the love in my photos from yesterday?






I love so many things about those photos, including the penguin-that-looks-like-a-monkey Starbucks cake pop. I also love that my new and lovely co-worker Alice and I went to Starbucks yesterday not wanting to buy anything but just to smell the coffee (which some lovely researchers say can revitalize you), and the lovable Starbucks barista (not pictured) opened a giant container of roasting beans (also not pictured) and let us smell their lovely aroma.

One of the lovable social work interns at work has fallen in love with the music of jazz drummer Brian Blade and he suggested I listen to him, which I did.   I fell in love and maybe you will, too.

What might you fall in love with today?

I’ve fallen in love every day about thanking those who help me write these daily posts and also my lovely readers (including YOU).


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28 thoughts on “Day 2178: Fall in love every day

  1. nice explanation of story , movie , pics.

  2. What a great message!! Love this ❤️ There’s alway something to fall in love with and appreciate. Like coming to your blog most days. Thank you Ann 🥰

  3. Fascination and infatuation at the very least, Ann! I so agree with the daily mission.

  4. Great photos. And a very true attitude. And yes, Jerry Seinfeld is great.

  5. Great photos. And a very true attitude. And yes, Jerry Seinfeld is great.

  6. Who said love is a decision? I’ve decided. ❤️

  7. Every day is to be loved for just being there

  8. It’s very obvious that you fall in love everyday, Ann. It’s a great reminder for the rest of us of how precious each day is.

  9. I only want too live into my 90’s as long as I am still with it and know what is going on around me, I wouldn’t want to be like my Nan was stuck in bed unable to feed herself or speak and just slept most of the time

  10. I love learning new things every day, but even more I love learning from others that it’s not just learning a new fact but learning a new way of looking at things.

  11. You reminded me of how fond I am of Dick Van Dyke. (And you.)

  12. I see and feel love in you every day, that’s why many fall in love with your blog. 乂♡‿♡乂

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