Day 2175: Hanging on for dear life

If you hang on until the end of this blog post, you’ll see the photo that inspired today’s post title.

I like the title “Hanging on for dear life” because I’ve been hanging on for almost sixty-six years and life is very dear to me.    I also like that title, here and now, because life can sometimes seem precarious, especially with global warming reports, the current political situation, the stresses inherent during the holiday (and exam) season, interpersonal conflicts, and a fire alarm going off during a group therapy session.

Hang on, dear readers!  Here are all my photos from yesterday:














Work, blogging, and important relationships keep me hanging on.

What keeps you hanging on?

Thanks to all who keep me hanging on, including you!


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14 thoughts on “Day 2175: Hanging on for dear life

  1. happy Christmas, thanks for the blogs, amen

  2. I’ve been hanging on for dear life and it’s time to take a break from the routine. Btw, I’m leaving tomorrow for a short holiday. See you in a week, my friend! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

  3. Those Supremes! I’m glad their recordings are hanging on!

  4. As long as I don’t know what the future holds I hope to keep hanging on. Like Rudy and your blog, though, I want to be non-judgmental about the future and simply hang around enjoying it.

  5. Hanging on for dear life is better then letting go and falling into a deep pit

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