Day 2169: Who gives a crap?

Who gives a crap about where today’s blog title came from?


If you do give a crap, I saw that sign yesterday on the wall of a huge glass-blowing facility called Almost Perfect Glass  in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


There’s my  almost perfect friend, Deb, who was working the annual holiday glass sale at Almost Perfect Glass, which is the home of NOCA Glass School (where Deb has taken many courses, because she gives a crap about glass blowing). Deb and I give a crap about each other and have since we were in our teens. People say we look and act like sisters, and not just because we both wear the same t-shirt (which I gave her years ago because she gave a crap about what it says).

Who gives a crap about any of my other photos from yesterday?








I give a crap about  talent, nature,  mindfulness, and all that’s in your head.

While we all give a crap about what’s important to us,  it also helps to let go of worry, shame, and other crap filling your brain by saying, “Who gives a crap!”

Who gives a crap about this“Who Gives a Crap” song on YouTube?

Who gives a crap about whether Who Gives a Crap is “toilet paper” or “bathroom tissue”?

Thanks to all who helped me create this who-gives-a-crap post and to you — of course! — for giving enough of a crap to read it.


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34 thoughts on “Day 2169: Who gives a crap?

  1. I give mucho crap about your messages and humor 💩❤️🤓

  2. i love the glass safety cone so much

  3. I want the polar bear piece!

  4. I give two craps about your flights of thought, Ann, and it’s etched in blog comments.

  5. Laughing. LOVE your title.

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  7. I knew a stained glass artist who wanted to make a window with “Joke ‘em if they can’t take a f—“, but in Latin. He consulted a high school Latin teacher but was concerned the teacher would object to the swear word. Fortunately he didn’t and now there’s an elegant window out there with that motto in Latin.

  8. I would by that piece with the owl in a New York minute. And I love that T-shirt, because I am always leaving the house before I’m ready!

  9. OMG how I DO give a crap about this post because it is SO not full of crap, but instead full of things that made me laugh out loud Ann. Thank you

  10. I am not sure I have reposted a blog ever before, and I have been blogging here on WordPress since 2012. Does that tell you how much I liked this post? Your title, the song, your photos, it’s all too good not to pass along. Thank you, Ann. Such fun! Did you see the introduction I added just now to the repost?

  11. I could give a crap but you don’t want my crap, trust me you really don’t……………

  12. I do! I love that toilet paper! They give back to charity so I can feel good while I use the loo!

  13. Oh, I gotta grab a cab to go buy some crabs for dinner tonight cos I’m tired of eating the crap they serve me. – New Bloggy Crap! ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

  14. It brings to mind the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, where imperfection is a good thing.

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