Day 2168: What the hell happened?

What the hell!  Did anybody else have a week where you asked yourself,


“What the hell happened?”

When you’re talking to somebody on the phone and they’re suddenly not there, do you ask yourself, “What the hell happened?  Did they hang up on me?  Was it something I said? Are they angry? Did their phone lose power? Is the signal week?  Should I call back? Are they calling me back?”

What the hell happened  in these photos?















What the hell happened in the first photo above and the last one?  First photo: We did a mindfulness exercise in a therapy group last week where we focused on a piece of paper we crumpled  and then unfolded. Last photo: a group calling themselves “Gym Class” performed Lou Reed’s “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” at an open mic last night.

What the hell happened last night when I debuted my latest original song, “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready” at that same open mic?   See for yourself:

What the hell do you think will happen if you leave a comment?

What the hell happens at the end of my blog posts?



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29 thoughts on “Day 2168: What the hell happened?

  1. oh, i certainly have )

  2. You are one happening citizen, Ann.

  3. If I read the news, I’m more likely to pose that very question.

  4. …….. in almost any election anywhere

  5. I’ve had a whole week of “what the hell?” which makes me wonder if there’s something in the air, floating cases of what-the-hell-enza, but I managed to watch and enjoy your entire performance, even the unexpected break, so how the hell could it get any better?

  6. such a revealing
    song written & wonderfully performed!
    otherwise, i don’t know
    what the hell happened 🙂

  7. I would love to hear Gym Class perform take a Walk on the Wild Side.

    How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you, Ann?
    I don’t know how I would describe myself. Being asked would make me anxious, and all my thoughts would turn backwards just like in that picture you have here.

    I think we could let our cats introduce us.

  8. What the hell happened? Ann is writing awesome songs and no one told me! I’m a little preoccupied these days, but it’s so good to stop by your blog today, my friend!

  9. Yes when I am talking to mum and suddenly she isn’t there and I get a dead phone I think what the hell

  10. You made an awesome, funny recovery! That’s what the hell happened. I cannot imagine those three boys singing Lou Reed. Ay, ay, ay.

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  12. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I thought I was in an I love Lucy sitcom (that wasn’t funny). One disaster led to another with increasing damage and frustration.
    (It’ll be funny, I hope, in about a year. )
    Good to know it was just What The Hell Happened Week and the upcoming week will be better.

  13. What the hell … live happens ❣️

  14. omg what a day you’ve had! I had to google Tillerson (I’m an aussie and I’m kinda obsessed with the shite show that is US politics. If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious.)

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