Day 2167: Consider the source

Consider the source of today’s post — it’s my blog!  Is that a source you trust, know, can vouch for?  Is it a source that’s helpful, doubtful, consistent, confusing, reliable, familiar, new, or whatever for YOU?

Consider that the source of this post is a discussion earlier this week in a therapy group, where the participants were evaluating negative messages they had heard from others.   When I asked people in the group to consider one of the antidotes to cognitive distortions — Consider the Source — they considered that a helpful cognitive reframe.

Consider the source of this definition of “Consider the Source,”  which is this list of antidotes for unhelpful thoughts.

Consider the Source. If you’re receiving negative, upsetting messages, take a step back and look at where those messages are coming from. Is that source reliable? Is it usually negative? How do other people see that source?  If the source is your own internalized critic, consider that you may be too harsh on yourself.

Consider the source of today’s photos — it’s my iPhone!






When you consider the source, you might think

  • yippee!
  • hooray!
  • way to go!
  • high five!
  • terrific!
  • you got it!
  • RIGHT!
  • too bad!
  • sorry!
  • try again!
  • not quite!
  • next time!
  • oh well!
  • WRONG!

Here‘s Consider the Source with “Many Words of Disapproval.”


Consider leaving a comment, below.

Consider the source of extreme gratitude for all who help create these blogs and for all who read them — it’s me!



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18 thoughts on “Day 2167: Consider the source

  1. I can’t think of the right words. I might consider thesaurus. (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

  2. I consider your blog an opportunity to think, Ann.

  3. An excellent philosophy

  4. You are one of my sources for well-considered ideas. Happy Chanukah!

  5. By the way, every day after I read your blog post I go to the previous day’s to see if you have commented on my reply. Today when I checked, I found that my reply I disappeared or had never posted even though WordPress gave me a duplicate comment warning when I posted. There must have been some weird glitch in the system yesterday and I wonder if you are missing any other comments. Sorry about that! I particularly enjoyed yesterday’s blog entry.

  6. I think the source of this blog is a good, reliable one that gives me insights. Yay!!!!

  7. “Quotes on the internet sound smarter if you attribute them to the right person.”-Oscar Wilde
    That’s a good example of how the right source can matter as much as the wrong one.

  8. Consider me happy to have read this!

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