Day 2165: Brace yourself …

Brace yourself …


… for the unexpected, because it’s another day!

Yesterday, I braced myself for being late by foregoing my usual walk and jumping on a shuttle bus that runs between where I park and where I work. When the bus driver saw that I was bracing myself with my ukulele, she asked me to play for the passengers.  I looked around and told people to brace themselves for my singing an original song called “Hidden Thoughts.”  I braced myself for possible annoyance, disapproval, and/or lack of attention from the riders but, instead, the passengers looked up, smiled bracing smiles and even braced themselves to sing along!  As more people got on the bus, I braced myself with more confidence and sang my latest song, “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready” (which I’ll be bracing myself to sing at an Open Mic in two days).  The reactions seemed 100% positive, which helped me brace myself for the rest of the day.

Brace yourself for more photos from me:







Brace yourself for my final photo, which shows what we did when we ran out of Hanukkah candles yesterday (and were unable to find any replacements at our local store):


I’ll brace myself for your reactions to seeing birthday candles in that Menorah.

Brace yourself for the day’s musical selection, from Howie Day:

Brace yourself for more bracing thanks from me to all who help me brace myself for the new day by writing this blog and — of course! — to YOU, for reading it.

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20 thoughts on “Day 2165: Brace yourself …

  1. You helped inspire my latest post. So let me thank you too. And I hope this makes you laugh too. It always does for me.

  2. Hello, Ann Koplow, successful bus busker! How wonderfully bracing this tale is to me before I go to work this morning.

  3. Let me brace myself, my teeth are crooked.(●^曲^●)

  4. Improvisation, whether with candles or impromptu performances, can be very bracing so I hope you’re well-braced to face the day!

  5. I love it! You bus busker you! A witty song and a ukulele should always be a hit. As for the candles, use what you have to to celebrate!

  6. I brace myself for ignoring the hat passed round when people busk on in the underground carriages

  7. Ann! You have added “roving minstrel’ to your list of accomplishments! Could you ever have imagined?

    Are you celebrating a Chanukah birthday this year?

  8. I don’t need to brace myself when I come here for a visit because this is such a lovely place to visit

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