Day 2162: Oh what fun

Oh what fun


there is today,

If we see things in this way.


Walking by the sea,

Writing bad poetry,

Swearing up a storm


About how it’s getting warm.


Noticing a new fruit


and animals so cute,

Enjoying what’s almost funny


And focusing less on money.


Living for today


in your own special way,


Knowing you’re amazing


Even when others are not praising,


Deciding to just dance



When ever there’s that chance.


And singing along

To an “Oh what fun” song.

Expressing gratitude

For readers, songs, and food.





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16 thoughts on “Day 2162: Oh what fun

  1. Expressing gratitude for the wonderful things you give us Ann.

  2. I loved that fun journey! I couldn’t wait to see what was next. Great job!

  3. A fun collection. Did the cat win the spaghetti eating contest?

  4. The fact that you find time
    To rhyme
    Is so sublime
    And more than I can complete, Ann.

  5. What a great little trip. And what an appetizing looking quiche. I still make them quite a bit and we call them queechies. They seem celebratory to me, as is your blog!

  6. No one riding in an open sleigh ever saw a Buddha’s hand fruit or worried about getting fried. Clearly there’s more than one way to have fun.

  7. Not much fun in my life lately

  8. We should never stop having fun.♪(((#^-^)八(^_^*)))♪

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