Day 2161: Before I Felt Ready

Have you ever done anything before you felt ready?

I may be performing my latest original song “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready” before I feel ready,  six days from today.

Are you ready to feel the lyrics to that new song?

Ready or not, here they come!


I Left the House Before I Felt Ready

by Ann Koplow


I left the house before I felt ready,

I’m wrinkled, distracted, a little bed-heady.

Don’t know where my phone is, one glove, or umbrella,

My water bottle’s prob’ly somewhere in the cella.

Here on the outside I’m sort of unsteady

When I’ve left the house before I felt ready.


I left the house before I felt certain

What clothes to wear?  Should I tuck my shirt in?

Should I eat a banana, a cookie, a peach?

Do something productive or go to the beach?

With indecision I’m strugglin’ and hurtin’

When I’ve left the house before I felt certain.


I left the the house before I felt sure

About what I can tolerate, face, or endure.

Should I stick to what’s safe or try something new?

Taking risks — tsk, tsk tsk — not the right thing to do?

I might meet someone nice or step into manure

When I’ve left the house before I feel sure.


I did leave the house, I can recall,

To work, to sing, to shop at the mall,

If  I waited until I was sure not to fall

I’d never leave the house at all.


I left the house before I felt ready,

I’m vulnerable, present, and reasonably steady.

I’m glad to be here even if it’s not home,

Even if my hair needs a brush and a comb,

I’m not totally sure or secure, this is true,

But I’m certain I’m ready enough to meet you.

© Ann Koplow, 2018


Do you feel ready for my latest photos?






I’ll be ready with that t-shirt (tucked or untucked) when I debut that song at an Open Mic on Friday, December 7th.

There are no songs on YouTube with my title, but here‘s the Fugees‘ “Ready or Not” performed by Southern University Marching Band in 2016:

I feel ready for your comments if you feel ready to share one below.

I’m always ready to express gratitude to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2161: Before I Felt Ready

  1. Always ready for a song and photos. Don’t have either in my latest post but I do have a joke guaranteed to make you laugh.

  2. Jump in!

  3. I love those lyrics and will watch out for the performance!

  4. Between Shakespeare (as Hamlet), T.S. Eliot, Auden, and your own distinctive style I’d say your song is more than ready, and in seven days I hope to hear as well as read how ready you were when you performed.

  5. Yes. Sometimes I’m not ready but set off anyway. Then arrive at my destination like a disheveled duck coming in for a crash landing on the river. But then order is restored and you get on with the business at hand.
    I wasn’t ready with enough cash coming through a Mexican toll. They luckily were prepared to take my card. I was prepared to go enter my pin. I was not prepared to be shooed back to my car. When one worker asked the other what was happening , I was not prepared for his explanation of my action-“Abuela”. Covers it all I guess.

    • It helps me feel ready to imagine myself as a disheveled duck coming in for a crash landing on the river and also to realize that people will give me leeway because I look more and more like a grandmother. As always, I’m ready for your terrific comments.

  6. Ready to hear it Ann and ready or not here you come!!

  7. It’s a little like having babies. If we waited until we could afford them, and we were 100% ready, we would have a much smaller population!!

  8. I often don’t feel ready but at times we need to just dive right in

  9. Love it! I’m never ready but I’m here.

  10. I love your new lyrics, Ann!
    By the way, how is your shoulder these days?

  11. Nice lyrics, Ann

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