Day 2157: What do you require?

Here and now, what do you require?


Wines? Vines? Whines? Madness?  Wisdom?  Being watched over? Lucidity? Poets? Lovers?  Helpful quotes?  Art?  Artists?  ACCURATE SPELLING?



Tea?  Compassion? Advice?  Never being wrong?



Celebrating?  Cats?  Being like a cat?



Cool socks?  Giving?  Receiving?



A perfect world?



Blessings?  An angel by your side?



Encouragement? Compliments?  Niceness? Puns?




100% reality?  Feeling special?



Affirmations?  Magic? More quality time with people you love?


Do you require more sleep?  I do and this video shows up when I search YouTube for “What do you require”:


Do you require thanks for reading my blog?



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14 thoughts on “Day 2157: What do you require?

  1. Dali 😂

  2. A good half-hour of blog-reading before going off to work on a weekday makes me pretty happy, Ann.

  3. I require more scratching and clawing. LOL ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

  4. It never ceases to fascinate me that we humans have created a complex society well beyond what we need for simple survival. I think I need to understand our drive to create things like wine and art, or maybe I just want to–either way it’s a lifelong process.
    Also I want to share my favorite Dali quote: “The only difference between me and a madman is I am not mad.” I’m not sure about that, though. Perhaps it’s a kind of madness that drives us to be who we are.

  5. What do I require?
    Generally peace and quiet and alone time

  6. More sleep. More free time. More laughter. That’s all for now.

  7. I don’t require much – just a signal now and again

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