Day 2156: Three of my favorite words?

Post title inspiration?

Greeting card front:


Three-word phrases:






Have a favorite?

I love walking.  Three little photos:


Three Little Words:

I love Ella.

Your favorite words? Probably not these:


Click on links.  People hate “moist.”

Two more photos!



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29 thoughts on “Day 2156: Three of my favorite words?

  1. You’re The Best!

  2. Gotta love it! I love you ❤️

  3. Post on, Ann!

  4. Blog thoughts linger.

  5. Yes, you cANN! ♡✧*٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*♡

  6. That was fun.

  7. Ann Kaplow fan

  8. I watched _It’s A Wonderful Life_ this weekend and my favorite line is when George Bailey says the three greatest sounds in the world are “Anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.”
    Of course there’s also Ella Fitzgerald, Emily Dickinson, and Ann Koplow, three of my favorite thinkers.

  9. lifeinkarolingston

    Thanks for posting! 😊

  10. Awesome post, three great words “love you nanna”

  11. Oh that little spit of land on the water with its lights! Lovely.

  12. I love you always suits

  13. Love, Joy and Peace

  14. Charlee: “Three of our favorite words are ‘roly-poly fish heads’!”
    Chaplin: “That’s what our Dada says every time he gets our food out for us.”
    Charlee: “We’re not sure if ‘roly-poly’ is one word or two but for the purposes of this comment we are treating it as one.”
    Chaplin: “The good thing is we can reuse it if there’s ever a ‘four of my favorite words’ comment to be made!”

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