Day 2155: Try me

Let’s try on this definition of “Try me” from The Free Dictionary:

Try me

Also found in: Wikipedia.

Try me.
Ask me.; Give me a chance.

A: I don’t suppose you know what the Achaean League is. B: Try me.

I don’t suppose you know what the Achaean League is, because I don’t either.  However, ask me and give me a chance to show you why I’ve chosen “Try me” for today’s post title.


I didn’t try that moisturizer at MiAlisa Salon yesterday, but I did try to take other photos, which involved trying things.

I tried on some new socks and leggings yesterday morning, despite reading an online article, “What Middle Aged Women Should Not Wear” which included patterned socks and leggings. Try as I might, I can’t find that article today. Also, I’m past middle age, so maybe it’s not so bad if I keep trying those things. However, that combination might be particularly trying.

There’s my friend Deb, trying to pick up leaves in her back yard. Do you want more information about those yellow leaf-picker-uppers?  Try me.  If I don’t know, I can always try to ask Deb.

Here are other images I tried to capture yesterday:

I enjoy images that show people trying new things, including crafts like mosaic quilting and flameworking. If you’re trying too hard to read some of those pictures, try clicking on them to make them larger.






Do you know what season it is around here?  Try me.

As I try to finish up today’s blog post, I’m going to try to share what else is on my mind.  I do want people to try me — to ask me and give me a chance.   I try to convey that as best as I can.  Sometimes I might try too hard and perhaps people find that trying. Also, I can find it trying, sometimes, to try to ask others for what I need.

Do you have questions about all this?  Try me.

Here‘s “Try Me” by James Brown.


Do you want to know how much gratitude I have for all those who helped me create today’s blog post and for you?  Try me.



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28 thoughts on “Day 2155: Try me

  1. Hugely crowbarred but my favourite episode of Columbo is try and catch me. Oh and I don’t think you try too hard.

    • There’s always room for just one more thing…

    • Thanks, Alex, for trying to crowbar another great comment into my blog. Immediately after reading it, I tried to find “Try and Catch Me” and I watched it on YouTube. It’s a great episode, where Ruth Gordon tries to get away with murder. Also, Chris and Alex, Ruth Gordon’s character is the one who says, “Just one more thing …”

  2. Why would someone write an article defining rules about what middle aged women should wear??????? Good grief, isn’t life hard enough on women without having to impose arbitrary and ridiculous guidelines such as this on one another! Life is short….Wear the socks…put on the leggings!!!!!!!!

  3. Moon over holiday lights is a bonafide home run, Ann. I’m so glad you tried that one out on us this morning!

  4. I guess ‘Try me’ is better than ‘Why me’ (๑ᵕ⌓ᵕ̤)

  5. jwoodruf2015

    ?You should be able to wear whatever you want…’I believe I’ll wear purple!’

    Janet S. Woodruff RN, BSN Gyn/Oncology BIDMC ________________________________

  6. Recently some family members and I got into a discussion of unusual foods—including the Jones Sodas that have a Thanksgiving pack of sodas in flavors like turkey and mashed potatoes. Whatever it was I said “I’d try that.”
    I hope to always be a fan of trying new things—and encouraging others to do the same. The only thing I think a middle aged woman, and anyone else, shouldn’t wear is what she doesn’t want to wear.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to read up on the Achaean League.

    • I tried to imagine you NOT looking up The Aechaean League, Chris, and I knew that would be very unusual. Thanks for encouraging all of us to be curious and brave.

  7. All awesome photos as per usual the words “try me” can mean so much I have a daughter who often says “don’t try me” when she is pissed off

  8. Love the edginess of this post. Try me … and see what happens!

  9. What park are all those decorated trees in? As for fashionistas who decide what people should wear based on some category they put them in, I’ve found they’re often wrong. Certain things don’t look good in certain situations or on certain body types, but that flat out certain statement always gets me rolling my eyes. Wear what makes you feel good!

  10. When past middle age your socks are fine.

  11. I LOVE thos yellow leaf thingies. I never see them anywhere in stores. If I do, I’ll buy them, just to be sure I have spares. And you know what? Phooey what people think about our leggings. They may be right, but who cares if we’re happy.

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