Day 2154: Find your happy

I find my happy when I find happy titles for my blog posts.


I find my happy more easily

  • with encouragement,
  • paying attention,
  • noticing and making connections,
  • sharing observations,
  • letting go of shame,
  • keeping warm,
  • embracing adventure,
  • dancing, and
  • photographing rather than purchasing items I don’t need.













I find this on YouTube:

I hope to find my happy in Hawaii, some day.   For now, I’m finding my happy in Boston and in Scotland.

I also find  “Find Your Happy Place” on YouTube (although most people haven’t found this — it is has only 50 views). 


How and where do you find your happy?

I also find my happy expressing gratitude and thanks for all who help me create these blog posts and for those who are happy to read them (including YOU).




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11 thoughts on “Day 2154: Find your happy

  1. My 7-year old daughter often tells me to find my happy place. And my blog is my happy place. (⺣◡⺣)♡

  2. This makes me happy

  3. Ahahaha, I am reading your post on my phone and became confused when the Find Your Happy Place clip began playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” because that is my cellphone ring! I tried to answer it.

  4. So much here makes me happy, but that people like Estelle Getty and Bob Ross may not be around anymore, but I think it would make them happy to know that through Chia Pets their legacies are still growing.

  5. Home is my happy

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