Day 2153: I’m a ______, not a __________.

I’m a Star Trek fan, not a collector, and I recognized Dr. Leonard McCoy’s trademark phrase on a glass at a Thanksgiving celebration yesterday.


I’m a psychotherapist, not a doctor, and I recognize that it’s important how we define ourselves by what we are and what we are not.

I’m a blogger, not a bricklayer, and here are the other photos I took yesterday:


I’m an amateur photographer, not a graphic designer, so click on any of the above photos if you want to see them better.

I’m a questioner, not an answerer (for now), so can you identify what people were and weren’t at that Thanksgiving celebration yesterday, just by looking at those pictures?

I’m a music fan, not a professional musician and I’m sharing Elvis Presley singing two things he is (here and here) and one thing he is not (here).

I’m a curious person, not a pushy one, so might you please share something you are and something you are not in a comment, below?

I’m a grateful human being, not an ungrateful one, so thanks to Michael’s siblings who hosted Thanksgiving celebrations, Elvis Presley, Star Trek, everyone else who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! —  YOU.



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16 thoughts on “Day 2153: I’m a ______, not a __________.

  1. I’m a psyCAT ^ↀᴥↀ^, not a psyCATrist (ꅈꇅꅈ)

  2. Love the ‘I can’t adult today’

  3. As another Star Trek fan I know McCoy was being asked to treat an unusual alien, to stretch his boundaries, something we should all do. Also whenever I travel to other parts of the world and tell people I’m from Nashville someone always brings up Elvis. Memphis was really his town, but that’s another way of stretching boundaries.

  4. I can guess from shoes but I can’t be sure.

  5. I’m a listener not a director

  6. I’m a friend and a fan, Ann.

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