Day 2150: Animals

In two thousand, one hundred, and fifty days of daily blogging, I’ve never written a post with “animals” in the title. That seems strange to this blogging animal, since there are so many animals in my blog posts.

What animals will be inside my post today?










Here are some musical animals …

… and more here.

Feel free to make animal noises in the comments section, below.

I wonder what animals feel gratitude? I know I do, so thanks to all the animals who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU!


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24 thoughts on “Day 2150: Animals

  1. Eric Burdon was a great talent. I have been known to burst into song every time we pass the nearby pub, The Rising Sun

  2. you mooooooove me with your posts

  3. Nice, but should fried fish count as an animal? Asking for a friend.

  4. Thanks for barking up the right tree today, Ann.

  5. An udderly furtastic post

  6. Are you talking with someone on a real, old-fashioned, corded phone? Wow,
    I am curious to know what Oscar has been up to.

  7. When I was in kindergarten I learned from an educational film featuring Jiminy Cricket that humans are animals. The fact that this knowledge was delivered by a talking insect made it fun, and maybe was intended to soften it a bit since historically it’s knowledge that’s upset some people. But I remember thinking “Of course!” It was a fun thing to learn and I’ve gotten that same feeling every time I hear that scientists have discovered something that was previously thought to be exclusively human that animals also do.

  8. I bet that unicorn feels gratitude. And from an article I read, a mule freed from a swimming pool in the California fires felt some gratitude as well.

    • I feel gratitude that you brought this good news about that animal, Lisa. Here’s the article I found online:

      As the Camp Fire spread in Paradise, California, residents in the area struggled to get their pets and evacuate to safety, but it seems one animal found a way to keep itself safe. Jeff Hill found a mule in a backyard swimming pool when he returned to his evacuated neighborhood.

      Jeff says he discovered the mule tangled up in the pool cover, which he says helped keep the animal from drowning. The mule was tired and shivering, but Jeff was able to free it. And there’s a happy ending – the mule was brought to a rescue and is expected to make a full recovery.

  9. Yeah animals can be cute and annoying little or not so little pooping machines, if only they used a toilet

  10. Can’t imagine a world without animals….(V●ᴥ●V)ω(=^・^=)ω( ̄(oo) ̄)ノ/(^ x ^=)\ᏊꈍꈊꈍᏊ
    ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔξ(。◕ˇ◊ˇ◕。)ξ

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  12. mypetsweird411

    I love your blog. please keep on bloggin

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