Day 2146: Just beneath the surface

I’m writing this post (which will probably reach just beneath the surface) in the back seat of a car traveling on the surface of the highway to a group therapy conference in New York City. Earlier tonight, when a fierce snowstorm surfaced and obliterated any view of the road surface, the slippery surfaces almost caused us to give up the trip. Just as we were about to seek shelter from the storm at a motel (which on the surface seemed depressing and suspiciously overpriced), we decided to try navigating the road surfaces one more time. Amazingly, the surface of the roads suddenly changed from snow to rain.

When the snow was covering all the surfaces, we stopped and this surfaced beneath a slice of pizza:

Since we are now going to make it to the conference, I know we’ll be going far beneath the surface in the groups there.

Earlier in the day, I facilitated two groups where many topics came to the surface.

The topics of “gifts” and “self-forgiveness” rose to the surface in those groups.

This is what it looked like on the surface in Boston when we started our trip:

What’s going on for you, just beneath the surface?

For me, gratitude is always just beneath the surface, so thanks to all who helped me create all the surfaces of this post and — of course — YOU.

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15 thoughts on “Day 2146: Just beneath the surface

  1. Just beneath the surface I am wondering how long my allocated internet data will last today

  2. Now that you made it through the storm, Ann, I hope you cover all the subjects thoroughly today!

  3. Just beneath the surface, there’s hope.♡_____∠( ᐛ 」∠)_____♡

  4. Safe travels, Ann. I hope that you got to your conference and I hope you get home safely.

  5. Just beneath the surface is more love of your blog!

  6. There’s a Far Side cartoon Gary Larson says is one of his favorites: medieval soldiers are storming a castle and one is looking at the moat saying “Ooh, goldfish!”
    It may not always be goldfish under the surface but it’s always worth looking.

  7. Stay safe.

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