Day 2136: What are you going to do today?

What are you going to do today?

Are you going to think about blue waves?





Are you going to bitch about things?





Are you going to live your life as if it actually mattered?

Are you going to watch USA election returns with your own eyes?



Are you going to be a flamingo in a world full of pigeons?


Are you going to eat food that’s good for you?


Today, I am going to do all those things AND I am going to VOTE!  Who’s going to join me?

I’m also going to share VOTING — the latest opus by Randy Rainbow.


Are you going to comment on this post today?

Another thing I’m going to do today: Thank everybody who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.




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30 thoughts on “Day 2136: What are you going to do today?

  1. Enjoy casting your ballot, Ann!

  2. Enjoy casting your ballot, Ann!

  3. i’m goin to jump right into the blue wave and ride it to shore

  4. Voting. In about ten minutes. I hope I’m not bitchin’ about results in the morning. If you aren’t veg or vegan check out the doughnuts on my blog today -Fat on Fat.

  5. Today I will just sit and listen to you. (๑´ლ`๑)フフ♡

  6. I already took the short walk to my voting poll and filled in my ballot this morning, Ann. It felt good.

  7. Normal day today, walking the dog, getting dinner, housework.
    Love the caption about time with pets being better than time with pyschiatrists.
    Cup darts match tonight and I’m chalking should my girls lose. Hopefully it will literally be chalk, not electronics! No voting for us here in the UK, but we are following.
    Tomorrow is Hubby’s birthday, so hopefully lunch out (on me!)

  8. Fortunately I live in a place where early voting takes place so I already voted last weekend in a public library, which, symbolically, seems like the perfect place to vote. So today I will wait and hope, and tomorrow will know whether I should bitch about anything, although whatever happens it wouldn’t hurt to spend time with a psychiatrist.

  9. How a I going to spend the day, well I did aqua aerobics after taking Leo to school now I a waiting for a phone call

  10. I voted by mail three weeks ago, so I spent election day picking up a new laptop that replaced one that crapped out over the weekend and relaxing.

  11. After I’ve had my haircut I’ll probably watch some blue waves – there that’ll save me posting a blog – not

  12. Laughing. Going to do all those things!

  13. Charlee: “Most days we sleep a lot.”
    Chaplin: “We also chase each other around the house.”
    Charlee: “So I think that’s what we’ll be doing today, too.”

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