Day 2128: When children are present

When children are present,


and even when they’re not, share your best.


Share your best, especially when the world seems dark and scary.


Find the beauty within and around you.

Look more closely for the small details that give you joy.


Say “hello,” tell people your name, and the magic will be totally real.


This is what comes up on YouTube when I search for “When children are present.”

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and to you — of course! — for being present.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2128: When children are present

  1. Great video (I’ve sen it before, but still worth watching again…)

  2. Congratulations on your hometown squad being totally the best, Ann!

  3. Gorgeous Video Clip, with a beautiful message…….

  4. Aww….such a heartwarming video! (‘∀’●)♡

  5. Some of your best photos here.

  6. I liked the clip and I am glad I came here today

  7. The saying “Teach your children well–they’ll choose your retirement home” is a good reminder of why we should be our best with children. What we leave to them will eventually come back to us too.

  8. There are small joys every day that hold my focus and help with balance in these unsettling and terribly uncertain times–dark and scary! Your photos are beautiful and always uplifting! 🙂

  9. Oh, I love the short film — “The Present.” I think I saw it a year or two ago but I had forgotten it completely. Wonderful!

  10. Nice one ❤
    I too have written a post for children. Do read and share your views.

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