Day 2120: Almost totally natural

It’s almost totally natural for me to

  • create a blog post every morning,
  • talk to every cat I see,
  • sleep less than I’m supposed to,
  • overthink decisions,
  • have too much on my plate,
  • feel unprepared at times,
  • worry about the future,
  • focus on U.S. politics,
  • enjoy living near the ocean despite climate change,
  • say too much,
  • say too little,
  • go the distance,,
  • feel tired on stairs,
  • trip over things,
  • sing,
  • dance,
  • enjoy baseball,
  • notice signs,
  • make messes,
  • be confused by rapid technological change,
  • look at greeting cards,
  • learn from my mistakes,
  • show my feelings,
  • fear that I’m losing or bothering people,
  • be concerned about people I love,
  • try to solve problems,
  • have hope,
  • watch what I eat,
  • laugh,
  • listen,
  • observe,
  • celebrate,
  • apologize,
  • think of others,
  • facilitate groups,
  • make lists, and
  • take photos every day.


It’s almost totally natural for me to remind you that you can click on any photo to enlarge it.

I posted one of those photos yesterday on Facebook with the caption “Almost totally natural.”  It’s almost totally natural for me to ask you to guess which photo that is.

When I search YouTube for “almost totally natural” it’s almost totally natural that I found “How to make a $1500 sandwich in only 6 months.”


It’s almost totally natural that over four million people have watched that video.

It’s almost totally natural for me to ask for feedback and to look for new ways to thank those who help me create these blog posts and — of course! — YOU.




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29 thoughts on “Day 2120: Almost totally natural

  1. GREAT list Ann!!!

  2. SO you Ann! Magical post to go along with those magical clouds 😎

  3. Wow they’re really planning for National Cookie Day!

  4. i have so many of those same natural instincts, but i’d like to add – reading your posts each day is only natural for me and so many others.

  5. …….scream for a grandchild when I can’t understand what to do with the computer

  6. You are a natural at drawing out great photos from life, Ann. I don’t know which one you picked for Facebook, though!

  7. You’re ALways, MOSTly, totally and naturally PAWesome! (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆☆☆☆☆☆

  8. “Oh my gourd!” cracked me up.
    Your hair has a totally naural beauty this season that goes well with the beach pebbles.
    Harley is totally, naturally zen.

  9. I think it’s in my nature to respond with this: a few weeks ago I went to a talk on a brief history of drug advertising, and at one point the speaker said “I don’t know why so many drug commercials end with people walking in the woods.” I said drug companies want to promote their products as natural. The director of the library where I work was there and told me she needed clever ideas for a library campaign and thought of me. Naturally that made me very happy.
    Also: go Red Sox!

  10. seeing your personal list
    gets me in touch
    with what’s natural
    in me, Ann 🙂

  11. It is totally natural for me to blog 4 days a week with the other 3 days either spent running around shopping or spent doing nothing much at all

  12. It’s totally natural for me to respond to your list because I love it! It’s wonderful to have that way to tke a long glimpse into who you are. A little like my A – Z list of “Things that Make Me Happy” helped my readers see who I am at my core. I relate to some of yours more than others. For instance, “say too much,” definitely would be on my list, but “say too little”? Probably not! “Feel tired on stairs,” yes, but “fear that I’m losing or bothering people” … no, I don’t live with fear on my mind. I suppose I bother a lot of people without realizing it. Good for you for your sensitivity! Being “concerned about people I love,” is an area on which we both can agree – for sure! Thanks, Ann, for this insight into your personality!

  13. It’s totally natural for me to luxuriate in your photos, in particular ones looking out at the water…and I like your dinners when you post photos of them. 🙂

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