Day 2117: Unprepared

I often feel unprepared, so I was unprepared to see this on a white board yesterday:


I erased “unprepared …” to prepare the board for the topics raised by the members of the Wednesday morning therapy group:


Are you unprepared or prepared for television, the paranormal, travel, gratitude, hope, sleep, pain, noise, too much, too little, what’s going on, advertising, commercials, cold weather, fortune telling, preferences, traffic, reasons, relatives, pros, cons, expectations, art, self care, care of others, falling, keeping people in check, the news, banks, food, nourishment, referendums, cars, healing, what people say, what people don’t say, work, tests, the hospital, where you are, tears, laughter, psychics, the future, the past,  or the present?

Unprepared for my other photos from yesterday?









Are you unprepared for fall, for a cinnamon fig latte, or for seeing a duck in the clouds? What are you unprepared for, here and now?

I am prepared to say that when I am unprepared, I fake it until I make it.

I was unprepared to stay up this late on a Wednesday night, but the fourth Boston Red Sox/Houston Astros Playoff game is still going on at 1:09 AM.

I was also unprepared for Andrew Benintendi’s spectacular game-ending catch that preserved the win for the Red Sox.

Does this YouTube video show an Unprepared Psychic, as advertised?

Here‘s Another Song Called “Anthem” by UnPrepared:

Are you prepared to sing or say that “tomorrow will be better” like UnPrepared does there?

Even if you feel unprepared, consider leaving a comment.

As always, I am prepared to express thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for reading it.


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22 thoughts on “Day 2117: Unprepared

  1. I am preparing for work mentally, Ann.

  2. I’m wholly unprepared for whatever is around the corner on this journey but I’m open to it, fumbling often as I try to navigate the surprises. What other choice to we have? There‘s no recipe or solution to readying oneself for what lies in our path. How could one truly prepare for the onslaught of grief? The complete lack of others honesty? Unfaithfulness? Betrayal?
    And what of the “preppers” accumulating canisters of dried food and water, battery packs and whatever else they think they’ll need for the apocolypse, zombie or otherwise!? They have no idea how unprepared they are.

  3. Hannah Gadsby’s grandmother told her “Mr. Right” could be around any corner, which made Gadsby say, ““I’ve been approaching every corner with caution since then.”
    Still something like seeing a duck in the clouds reminds me that it’s sometimes wonderful surprises happen and they’re even better when we’re not prepared for them.

  4. Unprepared …. is something our ego mind rebels against and resists. Yet, some of the most beautiful things in our lives unfold when we let them. When we are unprepared. Don’t be afraid Poppet

  5. I am prepared for those treats!

  6. Sometimes you get a nice surprise when you’re unprepared. I’m never unprepared for your blogs!

  7. I’m prepared to show you my unprepared face —>Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)!!!

  8. I once prided myself in making speeches unprepared – until the occasion I dried up completely 🙂

  9. A few of my high school friends get together once a month or so for lunch and celebration of the fact we still are above ground. I’m unprepared!

    Today is one of those days for lunch. I’ve stewed for the past week or so about what I should take since the theme is Mexican. I still haven’t settled on something I can take that won’t largely end up coming home with me because we all bring too much to these lunches!

    Another concern – I won’t eat food that sits out for longer than 15-20 minutes, and that means figuring out something that can survive longer than that without me ending up tossing it out rather than risking getting sick.

  10. I’d love to have a cinnamon fig latte! That’s a flavor I haven’t encountered. I am unprepared for the number of times I’ve had to change my schedule lately. A number of small family emergencies have made it necessary for me to flex over and over, which wouldn’t be so bad except that my changes affect an entirely different list of people. I am never prepared to be frustration to others. LOL!

    • Are you prepared to believe that you’re not as much of a frustration to others as you fear? Thanks for preparing this comment, Debra.

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