Day 2115: That’s a Bad Sign

Yesterday, when I saw this …


… in front of this …


I thought, “That’s a bad sign.”  And sure enough, the giant Sony TV that came with our house is dead.

Considering what’s been on that big old TV and how it’s been affecting me, I think I’ll be better off not watching TV.  That’s a bad sign.

Do any of my other photos make you think, “That’s a bad sign”?























Today, I’ve been asked to perform my original song “Triggers” — which has a lot of verbs — at a team meeting at work. That’s probably a bad sign and a good sign.

Is it a bad sign that this comes up on YouTube right after my song “Triggers” or that all these songs use the same four chords?

Is it a bad sign that Axis of Awesome broke up two months ago?

I also looked for good signs yesterday, like this one:


Thank you for reading all the signs in this post!!!


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24 thoughts on “Day 2115: That’s a Bad Sign

  1. Having undergone certain unpleasant medical procedures recently, the sign above This is Fenway is definitely a bad one. (nothing to worry about).

  2. The stethoscope in the water bottles! I am curious. What is the story? Is that a sign of anything?

  3. It is a great sign that you’ve been asked to play your song at work, Ann. I’m sure you’ll trigger a wide range of responses.

  4. Gene Phillips

    I agree with Mark that your being asked to play your song at work is a very good sign. To use the current parlance in which any noun can be a verb, get in there and verb them. Get yourself a great new TV and never, never watch the news. Instead, enjoy odd TV shows and old movies and get your news by reading it. Talking heads make me crazy and the president makes me ill just to see him, much less hear him. (By the way, I was going to include a link to “[I Saw] The Sign” by Ace of Base,” but then I actually watched a little of the video…ugh.

  5. Good. Bad. Everything in between. Signs are everywhere! And I too think being asked to sing your song is a good sign! ❤

  6. When I’m traveling and the flight on the board is ‘delayed,’ that’s a bad sign.

  7. Gooooooooooooooooooo Red Sox!!!!

  8. No one asks, “What’s your sign?” anymore. I can’t tell whether that’s a good sign or a bad one which, I realize, is very typical of a Sagittarius.

  9. No tv would be horrible as I like watching tv
    Some signs are good some are not so good, the not so good ones I do not looking at

  10. Unfortunately, even a broken tv can’t keep us away from the media we might be better off avoiding. Most of us can watch it all on our phones and tablets. i’m sure trying to limit my exposure however. I found that the SIGN I needed to do that was a fountain of bubbling anger that was starting to disrupt any hope of harmony! LOL! I have felt better. The chocolate raspberries would be an excellent mood elevator as well. Your post is the sign that I need a little chocolate, I think. 🙂

    • My latest original song is “I’m Mad About You” and it’s all about anger. Is that a bad sign, Debra? It’s a good sign that we have so much in common (including chocolate).

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  12. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm wel i am not a fan of no dogs allowd sines so theirs wun on my list!!! ok bye

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