Day 2114: Master Your _________

Is there something you’d like to master right now?  Could it be

  • worry,
  • work,
  • tasks,
  • technology,
  • time,
  • problems,
  • insecurity,
  • fears,
  • procrastination,
  • negative self talk,
  • appetites,
  • addictions,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • stress,
  • impulses,
  • animals,
  • minerals,
  • vegetables,
  • possessions,
  • finances,
  • sleep,
  • cooking,
  • eating,
  • unhealthy patterns, or
  • pumpkins?


It’s good to know that, at least, we can master our pumpkins.

I need to master the rest of this post quickly, or I’ll be late to work. As usual, I’m trying to master photography:

Here’s what happens when you look for “master your pumpkin” on YouTube:


I’m having difficulty mastering certain aspects of blogging this morning. I suspect some sort of technology update.

No matter what, I can muster and master thanks to all who help me create these blog posts and — of course! — to YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2114: Master Your _________

  1. There’s always something new coming around the bend, Ann.

  2. I’m also trying to master photography. And horsemanship. And how to work less but make the same amount of $$$.

  3. Some of those shots are truly masterful Ann❣️

  4. Master your human! – NBC (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆

  5. Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing.
    I am not that inclined to try any Dump Recipes, though

  6. Not long after I decided I wanted to be a writer I knew writing is something that can never be mastered. There are always new challenges, new things to learn, which, I soon realized, applied to everything else I’d dreamed of being: marine biologist, film director, sculptor. Anything worth pursuing can never really be mastered.

  7. What should I master?
    What can I master?
    I have no bloody idea, because I am just, something, something, something

  8. I’d say you’d pretty well mastered photography

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