Day 2113: The Future

Decades ago, when I was wondering if I had any future, I had my palm and cards read.  My worst fear — that the reader would grimace, say “Oooops!”  or suggest that I get my affairs in order  — didn’t happen.

Yesterday, when I was wondering about the future of the earth, I  returned to the same tea room I had visited in the 1970s.  Again, my worst fear — that the reader would grimace,  say “Oooops!” or suggest that human beings get their affairs in order — didn’t happen.

While the reader at the tea room  was not doing what I had feared, he did say that I had trouble dealing with the mystery.  When I asked what the mystery was, he explained, “The Future.”

He reminded me of myself when he suggested I let go of worry and try to focus on the positive light of the future. He also kindly gave me a tissue when I shed a few tears describing my fears.  I guess psychics and psychotherapists share some common techniques.

It was a rainy, gloomy morning when I talked to the reader and I didn’t know that all these views were in the future:


“Future Me Hates Me” by The Beths is the first song that shows up on YouTube about “The Future”:

Here’s “The Future” by Leonard Cohen:

… and here’s “Not The Future” by Bad Lip Reading:


I’m predicting that there will be  comments in the future.

There’s gratitude in the future for all who helped me create today’s blog post, which I’ll be publishing in the very near future, and — of course! — for YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 2113: The Future

  1. The shifting views remind me of the saying, “Don’t like the weather? Stick around—it’ll change.” I’m glad you’ve stuck around, although I think any good psychiatrist or psychic will tell you the future can also be what you make it.

  2. Often when we feel in doubt about the future or not future, we are more awake to search for answers in other places than ourselves, Ann. I hope, that you were satisfied today too 🙂

  3. I don’t worry about the future, nor do I dwell on the past and what ifs, can’t see the point, I just go with the flow of life

  4. Ahahaha… I used to listen to that Leonard Cohen album on endless repeat until one of my kids (about 5 years old) quite innocently sang a line from the Future, at preschool, “Give me crack and an*l sex….”
    This is the same child who, at 4, listened to his friend singing a Barney song, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family” and then sang back, “Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town….” (Paul Simon)
    Eventually, my kids began hiding my CDs. 🙂

  5. Such beautiful skies Ann. Live in the here and now… never mind about the future…

  6. The fuRture is bright and mewtiful, my fUriend. – PysCat ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ◎~✧✧✧✧✧

  7. Excellent cloudscapes. You’ll never see any of them again

  8. That happens to me sometimes too Ann. Get all broiled up in a thousand variations of potential outcomes. If you are patient, the skies clear and the sun comes out. I used to play with the ouja board, but as Chris says, that’s another story. Live in the moment and dance in the kitchen. The cats will think you’re crazy, but we won’t.

  9. I’m predicting coming back to this post and making a comment. But I may be wrong.😉

  10. Gene Phillips

    I seem to worry most about little things and overcompensate as when I get to a movie way to early. As for the big things, I need to make my worries more productive by committing to doing what I can even in the face of my strong belief that I have little power to effect change.

  11. Great images Ann!

  12. I find it very difficult to turn off my “fears of the future,” and I’m working on it! 🙂 Hearing you say that you have some of the same struggles makes me feel a little more solid. It’s hard to deny that there are plenty of reasons to be fearful. I love the photos, and I head for the ocean sometimes to “de-stressify” and that does help.:-)

  13. Regardless of how astute we are, “I didn’t know that all these views were in the future” will be true on a daily basis. W never know what today brings – let alone tomorrow. In my blog today I wrote about an unexpected (of course) head-on collision that took the life of a fine young man. We only know today, this hour, this moment. We cannot predict what will come next. Live in the NOW and cherish it!!

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