Day 2109: Breaking

Breaking: I keep getting emails and seeing headlines that start out with “Breaking”.

What’s breaking out there? Is it news? Norms? Records? Hearts? Rules? Wills? Wind?  Spirits? Words? Bread? Bones? Bad? Dreams? Fevers? Expectations? Bonds? Barriers? The bank?  Ranks?  Connections? Contact? Contracts? Legs? Eggs? Promises? The dawn? Silence?

What’s breaking for you?

Breaking: Here are some photos, which I’ve been taking without breaking a sweat.




I was breaking into a smile while taking one of those pictures,  while other things were breaking.

Here‘s how things were Breakin’ in 1984:


I’ll be breaking my you-know-what trying to get to Physical Therapy, work, and medical appointments on time today.


Breaking: I’m grateful to all those who helped  me create this breaking blog post and — of course! — to YOU.



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20 thoughts on “Day 2109: Breaking

  1. Your blog is more than words

  2. Breaking thumbs 😒

  3. Oh, Ann, we all deserve a break today. Will we get it?

  4. ♬♩♫ I want to break free ♫♩♬ ♪☻(●´∀`●)☻♪

  5. May be appreciate what’s breaking before it becomes broken. This is the space where we can make a difference 😉

  6. Craig Johnson

    Into pieces? But that’s metaphysically absurd as the Firesign theater said!

  7. What isn’t broken is your blog but it often it is breaking forth with news

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