Day 2105: Politics

Was it politics last night when I added these lyrics to my latest original song, “Triggers”?

Everybody has a trigger,

Some are long and some are short.

Now a trigger who is bigger

Might be on the Supreme Court.

Actually, a more accurate line about current U.S. politics would have been “Now a trigger who is bigger WILL be on the Supreme Court.”

Here’s  a definition of politics:

POLITICS  noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction
pol·i·tics | \ ˈpä-lə-ˌtiks \
Definition of politics
1a : the art or science of government
b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy
c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government
2 : political actions, practices, or policies
3a : political affairs or business
especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government)
b : political life especially as a principal activity or profession
c : political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices
4 : the political opinions or sympathies of a person
5a : the total complex of relations between people living in society
b : relations or conduct in a particular area of experience especially as seen or dealt with from a political point of view

Here are the politics of  last night’s debut  performance of “Triggers.”

Any politics in my photos from yesterday?















To make myself happy, I’ll be experiencing the politics of Orlando’s Disney World in January.

As alway, I practice the politics of gratitude.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2105: Politics

  1. The vote is our voice, Ann.

  2. Was it politics when you added the last line? Well, they say that everything is political. I would call it activism, but the content isn’t necessarily partisan. What do you say?
    I noticed that you were sitting down when you sang your song. You sounded very relaxed and looked comfortable.
    I am surprised that you are going to Disney World! I look forward to your photos.

  3. Politics always trigger a fight or flight reaction in me, usually flight, but at least a retreat into music or drawing allows me to forget some things, even if only for a while.

  4. I have a lot of gratitude for mental health professionals in these trying times. I am grateful to have someone who can help me channel my anxiety into action. I like your song. And your earrings.

  5. Wow I liked the clip of you preforming Triggers

  6. You did a fantastic job, proud of you!

  7. Great portrait of you, Ann. This is not a political statement

  8. Who cares about poliTICKS? You’re TrIGERific! ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

  9. I loved your song, “Triggers”–I certainly have more than one! I loved the “Supreme Court” reference, and the way the audience chuckled and clapped! You are so clever and fun! We need more fun in our lives to counteract the emotions being triggered by the shenanigans in Washington.

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