Day 2095: Giving emotions words

When I search my previous posts for “Giving emotions words” the only thing that pops up is Day 1530: Obscure Sorrows.

I think it’s helpful to give emotions words, and so do other people.




In a therapy group yesterday, we talked about the importance of giving emotions words. Then, we gave words to triggers.



As usual, I stole some words — including “knuckleheads” —  from other people in the group.

Do any of my other photos today give emotions words?










Last night, I watched many people give emotions words in Ken Burns’s latest documentary The Mayo Clinic: Faith, Hope and Science.




It gave me emotions to see my heart surgeon, Dr. Joseph Dearani, and the piano I played while I was at the Mayo before getting my new artificial heart valve.  Here‘s me, giving emotions words back in 2016:

I’m giving gratitude words, as usual, at the end of my post. Thanks to all who helped me give words today and — of course! — to YOU.


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17 thoughts on “Day 2095: Giving emotions words

  1. very uplifting post, bless you

  2. You, Ann Koplow, are a master of this art.

  3. You hit a few high notes there in your song Ann, “sorry” but quite up to this girl’s standard

  4. Today I went to a talk about William Morris–the 19th century poet and artist, not the talent agency, although as Allan Sherman said in “Sarah Jackman”, “He’s nice too”–who said, “In fact a book, printed or written, has a tendency to be a beautiful object, and that we of this age should generally produce ugly books, shows, I fear, something like malice prepense – a determination to put our eyes in our pockets wherever we can.”
    It really made me think about how the power of words can be heightened by how they’re printed, spoken, or sung. Anyway, how’s by you?

  5. Emotions here and there and everywhere you cannot escape emotions they make us who we are

  6. I love the word knucklehead. Also your singing. I never ask, so what?

  7. Giving emotions words certainly helps to get them out there.

  8. The Emerson quote is so lovely, and I think we need to make this a viral message; we need an exceptional “palate cleanser” from all that we’ve endured this week! I’ve been reading more poetry lately, and thought it soothing and healing. This hasn’t been my norm, but something in me must have known I need it! Thank you, Ann.

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