Day 2093: Holy crap!

What do you say when you read the news lately?

“Holy crap” seems as good a response as any. Maybe that’s why it’s on a greeting card.

Holy crap! That card is a staff pick? Even though the staff at our local supermarket is too busy with other crap to have time to pick out cards?

Do any of my other photos from yesterday make you say, “Holy crap!”?

Holy crap! I saw such a beautiful sunset last night.

Holy crap! There’s so much “Holy crap” on YouTube today.

Holy crap! People actually have the last name “Chimera”?

I look forward to whatever holy and unholy comments I get for this blog, which I’ve been creating for — Holy crap! — almost 69 months.

Holy thanks to all who wholly helped me create today’s “Holy crap!” post and — of course! — YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2093: Holy crap!

  1. Now those are cards haha. It was my birthday Saturday and my sister’s today so know all about cards haha. No holy crap ones haha. Great to see Frank. What a sunset too.

  2. A blessed relief

  3. Holy guacamole, that was a gorgeous sunset you caught, Ann!

  4. Holy crap! is a locally-made cereal.

    But, holy crap! is naturally what comes to mind when I see your sunset. Stunning?

  5. Jan Woodruff

    OMG! That dog really does look like a bug!!! (cute as a…of course)

  6. Lots of crap going on in politics lately, most of it not holy.

  7. When I hear the words holy crap I think of the Pope of the toilet, why because I am strange that’s why

  8. Ummm…the indoor potty patch definitely made me say “holy crap.” Eeewww. Take that dog for a walk.

  9. I have been saying my version of Holy Crap regarding the craziness coming out of our political soup for months now, but I think today I have been rendered nearly speechless. Either that, or the words that come to mind are not fit to print. LOL! But, looking at your gorgeous sunset photos is so soothing and peaceful. Thank you for moderating my “holy crap” mood. 🙂

  10. Holy crap, that is a beautiful sunset! I think I missed some of the photos the first time I visited your blog.

  11. Holy crap, I’m late commenting here, but better late than never and, as I so often say, holy mackerel, which isn’t that far off from “Holy carp”.

    • Holy crap, I’m much later replying to your comment, Chris, but Holy mackerel and Holy carp I’m always so glad to see you.

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