Day 2092: What’s in the details?

Some people say “The devil is in the details.”

Others say “God is in the details.”

Oprah has said, “Love is in the details.”

I have said, “Details, details!” and have written Day 1988: It’s all in the details.

What’s in the details of my photos from yesterday?













Here’s a detail about my creating my daily blog posts: I often  spend a devil of a time on the details of my photo layouts.

My friend Deb noticed a detail in this sign at the Opera House yesterday:


Because we were at a matinee of Hamilton,  which was during the day, the restrictions about “tonight’s performance” did not apply.  However, if we had used our cell phones, photographed, or recorded, there would have been the devil to pay.

Here’s a detail about yesterday’s performance: when Hamilton and Lafayette sang “Immigrants — we get the job done!” the audience cheered.

When I look to YouTube for examples of that line, the details on many videos of Hamilton‘s” Yorktown”  indicate that copyrights might prevent them from lasting in this post. I think the angels of  the internet might allow these to stay (here and here on YouTube).

I look forward to the details in your comments.

Detailed thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2092: What’s in the details?

  1. Is the cat pondering how to use detail to smooth the cloth?

  2. What is Harley thinking about? Is he wondering where Aaron is? Is he thinking of a different musical — Cats?

    I hope that the details in Hamilton met your expectations.

    • I don’t know what I was thinking when I missed the comments on this post last September, Maureen. Thanks, as always, for your detailed thoughts, which always meet my expectations.

  3. Your posts reflect your devotion to details, Ann. And you, too, sometimes!

  4. The Boston Opera House looks lovely–so many fine details!

  5. Anthony Roth Costanzo is an opera performer and counter tenor whom I heard interviewed recently. He described opera as the first interdisciplinary art form, combining theater, set design, music, and dance. In short opera is all about the details, and Hamilton is part of a great tradition.

    • Your comments are all about the details, Chris. I need to mention the detail that I’m replying to the comments on this post many months later.

  6. Those blue men have some details to pay attention to…

  7. So many people see the whole as a blur and don’t take the time to see the beauty in the detail, I hope I am not one of those people

    • You are not one of those people, Joanne. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I apologize for taking so much time to respond.

  8. I’ve seen Hamilton a couple of times and still find myself thinking about it and hoping to see it again (and again). The details impress me and speak to me in these challenging times!

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