Day 2088: You’re probably asking yourself …

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is this title and what does it mean?”

I’m definitely asking myself, “Why didn’t I set my alarm last night so I could get to physical therapy on time today?”

You’re probably asking yourself, “What photos will Ann share today, if she’s in such a rush this morning?”

Good question.






You’re probably asking yourself, “Should I answer any of those questions?”

I’m asking myself, “Do I probably have time to look for and share a relevant YouTube video?”

The answer is no.

You’re probably asking yourself … how will Ann thank all those who helped her create today’s post and also thank ME?


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20 thoughts on “Day 2088: You’re probably asking yourself …

  1. When I was an Assistant Child Care Officer in 1967 I attended a day release course run by a very sound psychiatrist. She told us that our work was stressful enough – so we shouldn’t use alarm clocks. I never have since. However, I have developed an internal clock which enables me to wake on the dot. I trust that doesn’t cause me stress in my sleep 🙂

  2. i love this for many reasons

  3. David Byrne once asked himself, well, How did I get here?
    Ann, I’m glad I get here most every morning.

  4. You’re probably asking yourself, “What if nobody stops by today?” Well, of course we did! And now I’m asking myself, “What can I do to reduce Ann’s stress?” And the answer is…..I can’t…but she knows how to do that on her own, so I’ll just cheer her on.

  5. Your probably asking yourself if you. Should have had that piece of peach cobbler? And the answer is yes! And I’d share it with my friends😜

  6. I love my life when……………I have my family around even if they give me a headache

  7. It’s a strange thing to me that the words “quest” and “question” are etymologically unrelated. After all every question is a quest for information regardless of whether it begins with who, what, where, when how, or why. To ask “What if…?” is to extend possibility. Maybe that’s why existentialists of all stripes have said human nature is to question. Do you know what I’m saying? I’m not sure I do.

  8. I’m asking myself what it would take to post EVERY day! You are amazing even without a snappy Youtube addition. 🙂

  9. I am asking myself where I can find a recipe for honey cake that tastes great and isn’t dry. Also, when I will be the person I want to be. And whether my cat will jump off my bed in a huff if I try to claim back some of the blankets

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