Day 2086: Triggers, again

My post today may trigger memories of my two previous posts about triggers (here and here).  If you want a definition of triggers, you can use your trigger finger to click on those links, now.

The first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts for 80 years, this weekend, triggers many news articles,  allusions to the movie Jaws, and fears about going in the water. Despite the rarity of shark attacks, they are triggers for many people.

While I was in Edinburgh in August, I wrote lyrics for another original song, “Triggers.”  Yesterday, when I was triggered to start writing a melody,   I realized how timely those lyrics were.


For me it’s the cold and the dark,

For him it’s not finding a good place to park,

For some it’s a loud noise,

For others it’s rude boys,

For many it’s news of attacks by a shark.

Everybody has a trigger,

Most of us have more than one.

Some are small and some are bigger

But none of them are ever fun.

The roots of your triggers are memories traumatic

To some your reactions may seem over-dramatic

Triggers may haunt you

But don’t let them daunt you

Because there are ways to make them less automatic.

© Ann Koplow, 2018

I have more lyrics about triggers, but my look at the time triggers my realization that I shall be late for work if I don’t quickly wrap up this latest post about triggers.

That triggers this sharing of all my photos from yesterday:

Here’s an amazing song titled “Triggers” by Soldier Hard, featured on his album Group Therapy:


The end of every post triggers my request for comments and my gratitude to all who help me write this daily blog and — of course! — YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2086: Triggers, again

  1. I like those lyrics and the photos 🙂 I can only thank you in animal photos which I should pretend I took haha.

  2. May some good memories come you way today, Ann.

  3. Jaws haunted me for years….. May love and appreciation abound for you today Ann. 💕

  4. When I was young there was only one Trigger – belonging to Roy Rogers. The older I get the more I have

  5. So beautiful Ann!!!

  6. Wonderful lyrics!
    Would love to find a way to make responses less automatic

  7. Your song lyrics made me smile, which I realized was a completely involuntary response. Could it help us to think that some of our triggers are positive? Maybe. At the very least I’d like to think it couldn’t hurt.

  8. Your blog triggers good thoughts in me, good triggers are just that good

  9. I hadn’t heard about the shark attack. Shocking! The lyrics to your new song trigger a smile, Ann.

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  11. it was the politics for me

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