Day 2085: Do your best

Yesterday morning, when I was doing my best to create another daily blog post, I included this poem I had written and shared in a therapy group about second guessing:


When I second guess

I make a mess

I feel I’m less

It causes stress

When I obsess!

I like to guess.

I will express

That more or less

I do my best

Then, when I was doing my best taking photos for today’s blog, I saw this:


Please do your best to look at all the other photos I took yesterday.

Do your best to wait patiently for all those photos to load and to click on any photos you’d like to enlarge.

Usually, I do my best to save the gratitude photos for the end and to make sure that all the photos are easy to read. However, today I’m assuming that we can all do our best together to make this blog post work.


Also, I am going to do my best to explain that my little yellow car was washed yesterday by members of the Quincy High School Choral Society and that Michael and I saw Senator Elizabeth Warren, the senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts, who does her best to challenge the current U.S. President.

Now, do your best to read all the words on this sign:


Please do your best to watch all these “Do Your Best” videos:

Do your best to comment and I will do my best to express my gratitude for all those who helped me create this “Do your best” post and — of course! — my readers, who are the best.




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21 thoughts on “Day 2085: Do your best

  1. What an uplifting day! You did your best work here Ann!

  2. love your poem- and loved seeing Elizabeth Warren!

  3. Thank you, Ann, for always sharing your best here.

  4. I’m on my phone, my computer is down again, so I’m doing the ”best that I can”

  5. Hi Ann, I am doing my best to come visit you and see you successfully doing your best!!!

  6. Great post–you’re one of the best!

  7. Quincy seems like a lively and connected community where people do their best.

  8. Pretty amazing that you and Michael saw Senator Warren!

  9. Because Senator Warren is out and about I assume that means she’s doing her best for the people she represents, which is exactly what I’d expect. She and you remind some of us that even our best could be better.

  10. The car wash ones are some of your best

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