Day 2081: Live Free or Die

Yesterday, I noticed this New Hampshire license plate  with the official state motto “Live Free or Die.”


Who knew that hairy aliens lived in New Hampshire, parked in Boston and felt so strongly about freedom?

According to Wikipedia (which is free):

“Live Free or Die” is the official motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire, adopted by the state in 1945. It is possibly the best-known of all state mottos, partly because it conveys an assertive independence historically found in American political philosophy and partly because of its contrast to the milder sentiments found in other state mottos.

As I have lived free for many years, I have noticed that flashy assertiveness gets more attention than milder sentiments.  Here are some of the milder sentiments displayed on U.S. license plates:

The Natural State


World Famous Potatoes


It’s That Friendly

Smiling Faces

Is  OK!

Sounds Good to Me

Peace Garden State

The Hospitality State

Seat Belts Fastened?

Drive Carefully

Do you agree that those other state license plates are not as lively or as to-die-for?

Today, as I live free and do not die, I would like to share something I said to my sister, last night, over dinner, after a very difficult day where I died several psychological deaths because of worry, projection, mind reading, fortune telling and other cognitive distortions:

I would like to declare that, as of now, I will never, ever again assume that other people are having harshly negative and judgmental thoughts about what I’m doing or not doing.  Tomorrow morning, I will wake up, free of that old and unhelpful habit.

This morning, as I try to live free of those old patterns and habits, I’m noticing this:  So far so good.

Actually, “So Far So Good” would make a good (if not entirely memorable) license plate.

Shall we live free and/or die for my other photos from yesterday?



It looks to me like that pineapple and broccoli are living free, undyingly.

Here‘s “Live Free or Die” by Hayes Carll:

Live free and/or comment below, please.

Gratitude is free, here and now, for all those who helped me create this “Live Free or Die” post and — of course! — for YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 2081: Live Free or Die

  1. The license plate and motto are perfect

  2. I hope things go OK for our friends more south on our east coast, Ann.

  3. I like the declaration of independence you stated to your sister!

  4. My submission: World Famous Potatoes to YOU! Much better than a finger or Live Free or Die salutes to Who Knows What. Actually, on a more serious note, I VOTED might be a driver’s license reserved for those who actually vote! 🙂 Another yet better version, perhaps, of Live Free or Die?

  5. Eddie Izzard, whom I think of as someone who lives very freely, said the motto of the Merchant Marine should be, “I want to take potatoes to dangerous places.” He was joking but it made me think seriously about joining. One shouldn’t have to make a choice between live on the sea or diet.

  6. New Hampshire is a state that’s very suspicious of outsiders as I remember. So far so good is an interesting saying. Sort of like “as far as I know.” I guess that would be mine.

  7. The thing is, living free(ly) and dying are not mutually exclusive. We’re all going to die. I recommend going to New Hampshire first, if only for Chutter’s Candy Counter and Polly’s Pancake Parlor.


  8. Live free or die sounds more interesting then our states I live in NSW The Premier State how boring is that, Queensland is the Sunshine State the Northern Territory is the Outback the others I can’t remember at the moment

  9. I like live free or die. It’s not insipid. And I freely suggest that’s some sort of summer quash with the broccoli, though the artist has left it open for interpretation. The idea of veggies having some beach time appeals greatly to me.

  10. A marvellous statement to your sister

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  12. “live free or die” – Chewbacca? Hmm

    I don’t agree with this. There are long periods of time where people have to live without freedom, entire lives, and if they die then all the generations after them will not have any left at all.

    When we don’t have freedom, we can work towards it or fight for it. That Is a meaningful life.

  13. What is a pingback?

    • A pingback means that I linked to this post in a subsequent post (which I often do). You, several years ago, referred to that in a much more poetic and complimentary way — you wrote that I string posts together like pearls.

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