Day 2076: So you think you can … ?

So you think you can read another one of my posts today?

So I think I can …

  • write another daily post this morning,
  • facilitate another therapy group today,
  • sing another original song at an Open Mic this evening, and
  • see the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance on tour in October.

So if we think we can, we usually can!

So you think you can understand my three photos from yesterday?




So you think you can watch this performance from this year’s So You Think You Can Dance, featuring my favorite singer?

So you think you can believe there is someone to watch over us?

So you think you can comment on today’s post?

So you think you can accept my gratitude to you (and to everyone who helped me create today’s post)?


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19 thoughts on “Day 2076: So you think you can … ?

  1. I think I can draw and I think I can name the chef

  2. Luis del Castillo

    I think I can comment on your wonderful blog

  3. That’s a lot of early thinking, Ann. You will have a great Friday, I think.

  4. A friend of mine had a computer set up so that every time he turned it on it would say, “I keep tryin’ to think but nothin’ happens!” If you think you recognize that as a quote from Curly Howard you’re thinking correctly. I think that describes how I feel sometimes but I think if I think hard enough I can overcome it.

  5. Good luck tonight! I look forward to the video.

  6. Also, love that note!

  7. I think I can see another good dinner! And I think I can head into a fabulous weekend!

  8. I had not seen that dance routine before. Captivating, indeed! No, I don’t think I can dance like that. In fact, I know I can’t. But, I sure admire those who can.

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