Day 2074: Voting

Since many of us in Massachusetts, USA were voting yesterday, today I’m inviting my readers to think about voting.

What does voting mean to you?  Will you be voting this year? What influences your voting?

Voting is now open for your favorite images among these:












No worries about my sharing this photo of my write-in voting for my boyfriend Michael:


According to this site, that used to be illegal in Massachusetts,  but now it’s okay to take a photo of your own voting here. In the future, I hope to be voting for Michael for public office.

I’m voting for “Vote” by Blazer Fresh at GoNoodle.

I hope you’ll be voting in the comments section, below.

Any interest in voting for the preferred way to thank all those who helped me create today’s “Voting” post and — of course! — YOU?



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15 thoughts on “Day 2074: Voting

  1. For some reason, WordPress turned off comments for this post when I published it, which made it very hard for people to vote! I think I’ve fixed this problem for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

  2. I vote for you.

  3. I vote for the sunset pictures

  4. thanks for being
    a good citizen 🙂

  5. One of many things that motivates me to vote is the belief that if we don’t exercise the right we are in danger of losing it.

  6. I vote for Michael!

  7. Voting is compulsory here down under as you may know, I get annoyed when I hear women make out voting is a waste of time as so many women had to fight for the right too vote

  8. To my knowledge I have never missed an opportunity to vote and as for November…I’m almost afraid to get my hopes up! I will be voting and encouraging everyone I know to vote! One thing new for me has been the number of small donations I’ve made to candidates across the country. I’ve never before sent campaign donations for congressional and senate “hopefuls” in states outside my own. It’s made me feel very connected to the nation as a whole. I’m watching a few states very closely and at least I will know that I did what I could. Beyond that, I’m kind of holding my breath!

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