Day 2073: What does CPR stand for?

Commonly, People Reply that CPR stands for CardioPulmonary Resuscitation.

Certain Picture Reveals that CPR  also stands for


… Clean Portable Restrooms.

CPR also stands for Cats Posing Randomly,



Chairs Properly Recycled,


Civil Public Respect,


Curious Political Rivalries,




Cute Puppy, Right?


Candy Prominently Rearranged,


Carving Pumpkins Returns,



and Captured Panoramas, Recently:

Captioning Performer Riffs:

Comments?  Personal Replies?

Conclusion Primarily Relies on gratitude to all who Contributed Parts Related to this CPR Concentrated Post Readily and — Certainly! — Praiseworthy Readers.


Concluding Pun Revealed!


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28 thoughts on “Day 2073: What does CPR stand for?

  1. Cultivating Posts Relating (to Us), Ann.

  2. love this Ann! Creative Photos Really!

  3. Certainly positive reading!
    Fun 😊

  4. Charming Pictorial Record

  5. Creative photogenic reflections… always! Thanks Ann 💛

  6. Creative Photos and I adore your cat Ann. ❤

  7. Compulsory Positive Reading!

  8. The important thing to remember is that any of these variations of CPR could potentially be lifesaving, depending on the situation.

  9. Alan Malizia

    Don’t rush Halloween! Summer seems like it just got here and is gone.

  10. Completely persuasive renderings

  11. Crazy People Running and falling over giving us a good laugh
    Another great post just so you know

  12. Isaac

    TrumptNews: Craven, ’pathic recidivists reject public contrition, reaffirming palindromic crimes, and their causally paired results ! “OFF with their heads !“ sez I ! Thank you for the B’day thought & How ARE you & yours, your too long, too distant friend, Isaac (P. S. Yours were more concise, more elegant, oui ou non ?) P.P.S.: A “palindromic crime” is evil, no matter which way you look at it.

  13. Cool Post Responses!
    Great post Ann. You, and your readers are having way too much fun with this.
    All my best. Thank you.

  14. You re so clever! I will never again think of CPR without considering other interpretations. 🙂

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