Day 2069: Hopelessness

Hopelessness showed up in a therapy group yesterday.  Today, it shows up for the first time in this blog.


I hope you can see that hope showed up there, as well. Often, when I write topics on the white board during my therapy groups, I tell people that the opposites of the topics are also present. I hope that leaves room for all the reactions, thoughts, and feelings in the room.

Do you see hopelessness and/or hope in my other photos from yesterday?









What do you do with hopelessness?  I try to accept hopelessness AND to leave room for whatever hope exists, no matter how small that hope might be.

Whenever I search YouTube by typing the title of my blog post, I hope something helpful will turn up.


These days, the brilliant or perfect musician Jacob Collier is helping me focus more on hope and less on hopelessness (here on YouTube).

I hope that you comment, below.

Gratitude reduces hopelessness and increases hope.  Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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31 thoughts on “Day 2069: Hopelessness

  1. Live by your inner knowledge and strength. Very very true.

  2. The people you help are so fortunate to have you!

  3. Hopelessness, is like feeling helpless, when you’re homeless and lost, and that terrible emotion of being worthless, but there’s always a song to share with some happiness.

  4. I take a deep breath and hope people find strength from the world, Ann.

  5. the people in your life are very fortunate. myself included. even with my kinders (3-5s), i teach gratitude every day, so they can grow up understanding this as an important part of their lives each and every day, even on the hardest days. i think it makes all the difference –

  6. Your ability to bring people from hopelessness to hopeful is a gift Ann. Dr. Jerome Groopman’s book The Anatomy of Hope gave me an insight into finding hope in even bleak situations.

  7. I always find hope here Ann.

    And I love this: “Gratitude reduces hopelessness and increases hope.”

  8. I believe there is always hope, it’s just these past few days with so much mourning on television, it seems a bit hopeless…at least at the governmental level. But the letter Senator McCain left for all of us was full of hope. So we must look forward with hope in our eyes. . . and in our hearts. And above all in our actions.

  9. Any expression of hopelessness, I think, is really a sign of hope. Someone who’d truly lost all hope wouldn’t say so, although even for those suffering in silence there may still be hope if we notice them.

  10. I think the opposite of hopelessness may be hopeness. I am filled with hopeness for you, Ann.

  11. I do hope your toes don’t peek out of your socks

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  13. I’m grateful for reading
    your lesson
    and leaving
    more hopeful 🙂

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