Day 2067: Something witty and thought-provoking

Now that I’ve provoked you into thinking that there will be something witty and thought-provoking in today’s post, here’s something I saw yesterday:

Do any of my other photos from yesterday contain something witty and thought-provoking?

This photo …

… might have been something witty and thought-provoking if I had managed to get a clear shot of that moving car, with the witty and thought-provoking license plate “TA DAHH.” That would have been something!

Try as I may to post something witty and thought-provoking every day on WordPress, I continue to run into thought-provoking technical problems loading my photos that require me to blog from my phone. It’s more challenging to be witty and thought-provoking when you’re typing on a tiny little phone keyboard and are all thumbs.

Was that last sentence something witty and thought-provoking or just provoking?

Because of the Spinal Tap reference in this photo …

here‘s something witty and thought-provoking from them.

I look forward to something witty and/or thought-provoking in the comments section below, but any comment will do. The last thing I want to do is provoke any anxiety in anybody.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be witty or thought-provoking, so here’s thanks to all who helped me create “something witty and thought-provoking” today and — of course — to YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2067: Something witty and thought-provoking

  1. Getting photos of moving targets is really challenging for sure, Ann. Getting photos from a phone to a laptop in our times shouldn’t be! (Knock on wood.)

    • It is and then it isn’t, Mark. Technology seems to be a moving target for me these days. Thanks for this witty and thought-provoking comment.

  2. Stonehenge yes! That scene always cracks me up. Also I really recommend Book of Mormon.

  3. See! Serendipity! I mentioned you on my blog today about how inspiring your blog is — I didn’t use the words ‘witty and thought-provoking’ but if I’d thought of them at the time I would have! 🙂

    As always, great sights and insights!

    • Louise! I am so inspired by YOU! Thank you for your sights, insights, wit, thoughts, and for mentioning me in your blog. ❤

  4. I feel pressured now to come up with something witty and thought-provoking but I can’t seem to come up with anything. I’m sure I’d be more upset about that if I weren’t under such heavy sedation.

  5. You made me laugh, so that’s a good thing! I appreciate not being stressed into the need to be witty, OR thought-provoking LOL! It’s just not in me today, but somehow, the memo to “eat worms” does fit my current mood. And you’ve lightened it (my mood) considerably. Hope your voice has returned? 🙂

  6. Love the pictures–I’m intrigued by “eat worms”, especially since it’s number four on someone’s list! What kind of list could it be?!

    • A good friend at work did something witty and thought-provoking while I was away on vacation — he added “eat worms” to my To Do list. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  7. Shooting moving objects isn’t easy whether you are using a camera or a gun and no worms here being eaten that is just gross unless you are a bird

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  9. I seem to have missed this post. In fact, I think I missed out on my entire day yesterday. What happened to Aug. 29???

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