Day 2063: How to be Amazingly Happy

When I was amazingly happy yesterday at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I noticed this:

What do you know about how to be amazingly happy?

I am amazingly happy that I travelled to Iceland and Edinburgh, spent time with people I love, and am returning home later today.

Do any of my other photos from yesterday make you amazingly happy?

I am amazingly happy that I blogged every day of my vacation, despite many internet connection challenges.

I would be amazingly happy to read any comment from you.

As usual, I am amazingly happy to express gratitude to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to you, for being so amazing.

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21 thoughts on “Day 2063: How to be Amazingly Happy

  1. Yes yes yes
    Many images brought happiness my way – did not get the pun one with the comedian –
    But the bomb for peace
    And the street shots and the painting of the table with the two phones and noodles !
    So much to
    Skim here

    And wishing you a ou a nice weekend Ann

  2. An especially good set of photographs today. How did you catch Trump?

  3. lifeinkarolingston

    I’m amazingly happy that I’ve read your post and seen those beautiful photos! 😊

  4. I’m amazingly happy that you are too. Thank you for sharing your adventures and the quirkiness of Edinburgh. Safe travels home 💕

  5. Yes, Ann, I do like puns. And the amazingly cluttered state of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with your eye for bringing it to us. Thank you for another year of amazing Ann-ness.

  6. The monkey!!!! We encountered her in that British show, Family Tree. Loved her. (Them?)

    Ukelele in suitcase says it all!

    • Nina Conti and her monkey were sold out at the Fringe, Maureen, but our friend Josh Ladgrove/Neal Portenza got us free tickets to see her Thursday night! She was wonderful and her show made me amazingly happy (as do your comments). And thanks for the tip about the TV series — I will watch it soon!

  7. I need several doses of whatever you are taking!

  8. I’m amazingly happy that you took your ukulele with you. A Fringe-inspired song would make me amazingly happy. Any one of those biscuit tin ukuleles would make me amazingly happy. And cold tea makes me amazingly happy–I never find it tragic.

    • While I was sitting at the cluttered table in my son’s kitchen in Edinburgh during the Fringe, Chris, I did write the lyrics for a new song, titled “Etiquette.” I will be amazingly happy to share it with you at some point in the future.

  9. I am finally getting back to reading blogs, instead of blathering on my own haha – thanks for your humour and inspiration!

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