Day 2060: We are in search of greatness

Yesterday, the Beehive Inn (which is one of hundreds of performance venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) was in search of greatness.

Aren’t we all in search of greatness in one way or other?

Yesterday, I found greatness in the performance of my son doing stand-up comedy at the Beehive.

I didn’t have to search hard to find greatness elsewhere, too.

I searched my son’s room and found the greatness of that award for the champion of Edinburgh student stand-ups.

After I publish this, we will be in search of greatness for a photo of me suitable for a poster. I’m searching for great words to tell you that I’ve decided to search for greatness with a show next year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

When I get WiFi again later today, I’ll be in search of greatness in your comments.

When we are in search of greatness, it’s always great to express gratitude. Thanks to all who help me search for greatness for this blog and — of course! — to YOU!

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22 thoughts on “Day 2060: We are in search of greatness

  1. Hi Ann. Did you hear of this Great Icelandic Band, Solstafir, while you were in Iceland, I think the are Great.

  2. Home is where the pizza is haha. How cool to be able to do stand up.

  3. Your blogs from Edinburgh are great, Ann!

  4. Great post, great pizza, great Scott! 😬

  5. I’m still searching

  6. I think continually of you blogging the truly great,
    As you left Massachusetts, that wonderful state
    For the Edinburgh Fringe and Iceland’s museums phallic,
    The pictures you’ve shared and the stories you’ve told,
    And once to Boston you have returned
    I know you will keep the lesson we’ve learned:
    That greatness is always marked out in bold,
    And also sometimes in italic.

  7. Ken

    Hi Ann, interview went well and they want me back for a third and final before their decision. Fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Are you saying that you will perform at the Edinburgh Fringe next year, Ann? That is truly GREAT!!!!

  9. You and your son must have some wonderful conversations about performing arts! How great to see him perform, of course, and I think your desire to perform next year at the Edinburgh Fringe is truly exciting. Go for it!

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