Day 2058: The Right Way

When I was walking the right way down an Edinburgh street yesterday, I observed this:

What IS the right way, dear readers, in these times of right OR left, us OR them, my way OR the highway?

For me, the right way includes loving yourself and others …

… being responsible for your tasks …

… thoughtful consumption of food and other resources …

… finding the wisdom in books and other people …

… being surprised by joy …

… communicating with others the best you can …

… finding the humor wherever you can …

… singing along, realizing that beauty is everywhere…

… even in your own body and soul, and recognizing that change is scary.

Also, the right way includes looking out for each other, especially when people fear change.

The right way to end this post is with gratitude for all who help me find the right way, every day, to create this blog and for YOU, who found your way here.

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26 thoughts on “Day 2058: The Right Way

  1. Such beautiful expressions. Thank you for sharing. And the right way for me here is reading this post and leaving a comment. Have a blissful week. 🙂

  2. oaT – Dammit! That’s the wrong way

  3. You seemed to be on the right tram, It’s sure to take you right to where you should be ?? Right…..

  4. Your way is always an interesting way, Ann, and that’s all right with me!

  5. I am often lost but always find where I’m meant to go eventually. I’m not sure a right way really exists

  6. The right way is what is right for you and you were right about bringing your ukulele.

  7. There’s only one right way to express my gratitude for you and that’s by saying… Thank you. ❤

    And… letting you know how much I love your singing video!

  8. Being close enough to a castle to snap a photo of it while also hanging out with your thriving son seems like the right way to plan summer, to me.

  9. I’m glad you were able to get away and visit with Aaron. Family and friends recharge your spirits. Hooray! The right way to live is with joy and gratitude. Thank you for looking at things with curiosity. Safe travels. .

  10. Your pictures confirm that there are many right ways to do comedy, and sometimes it requires baring it all.

  11. Ken

    Hi Ann, Ken here from Loudons on Tuesday morning. I’m waiting for my interview to start. I’ll tell you how it goes. Great to meet you.

    • Ken, you obviously know the right way to communicate!

      • Ken

        Sorry I didn’t come back to see you after the interview, I really enjoyed our chat and would have loved more, but the agent was desperate to see me.

  12. The right way might be different for each of us, but it’s always the right way.

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