Day 2057: Have real fun

Yesterday, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where my son Aaron and I have real fun every year, I saw this command (or suggestion):

What is your idea of real fun? For me, it includes venturing into the unknown while being connected with those I love. Yesterday, I had LOTS of real fun as I met more of Aaron’s creative and interesting friends, saw lots of macarons (including a photo of Aaron’s first attempt at making macarons), performed as a busker (!) at the Fringe across from the Beehive Inn, perhaps broke some kind of record for successful promotion of a comedy performance as I handed out flyers for Aaron’s afternoon stand-up performance at the Beehive Inn (“Hi! This is my son the comedian! He’s not only handsome, he’s funny! He won an award as the best University stand-up comic in Edinburgh! If you don’t believe me you can find out for yourself at 12:45 right there!”), and watched Aaron end his evening stand-up performance at the Bedlam Theater with an improvised exit off a giant stage.

I wonder if you’ll have real fun as you check out my photos and videos from yesterday.

I hope to get a SIM card for my phone today so I can have real fun creating these posts, checking your comments, and replying to them, all without not-real-fun data charges.

As usual, I have real fun expressing gratitude to all who help me create these real fun posts and those who read them, including real fun YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 2057: Have real fun

  1. You lead a full and fun life, Ann. Really and truly.

  2. You’re a brave woman, Ann but you look like you’re having real fun.

  3. Those are some fun photos!

  4. That is a pretty incredible day, Ann!!!! Could you ever have imagined???

  5. Real fun for me is usually making up things others laugh but also enjoying what others make that makes me laugh. Congratulations to Aaron and busk on!

  6. Congratulations to Aaron

  7. This looks like a ball!

  8. Wonderful fun times!!

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