Day 2056: Into the Unknown

As we enter into the unknown of another day and another blog post, I will tell you that the theme of the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe is “Into the Unknown.”

I especially like that cover photo for “Into the Unknown” because many of my known photographs include my feet, like this one:

That reminds me that I went into the unknown yesterday with my son Aaron and his friends to try a highly recommended macaroni and cheese sandwich in Edinburgh, wearing my macaroni and cheese socks. Photos of that sandwich and other Edinburgh meals will remain unknown to my readers because my son extracted a known promise from me that I do NOT take pictures of food when I’m with him and his friends.

Before this visit, my son Aaron’s Edinburgh friends were unknown to me. They are unknown no longer.

That drawing of Aaron’s friend Jago was done by his known and long-time friend Cameron, who is known to my readers.

The known Cameron is on the right and the previously unknown Jago and Michael are on the left. When we went into that unknown grocery store to get spinach, which I’m known to need because of my known heart condition and medication, it was unknown to us that no photos were allowed there. The security guard told us that unknown rule so we would know not to take more photos there.

I hope it’s known to you that I’m known for taking photos everywhere I go as I venture into the unknown.

Those last few previously unknown photos show us going into the unknown of the amazing Neal Portenza’s latest and (I hope!) NOT final Edinburgh show, despite his poster.

I plan to be going into the unknown of more Fringe shows today.

Do you know what helps you find the courage to go into the unknown? For me, it’s known that blogging helps a lot.

Now let’s go into the unknown of today’s blog post ending.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2056: Into the Unknown

  1. I know so much more because of you, Ann. How dare they now allow photography in that store. I wonder what their motive may be?

    • The employee was rather sheepish about it, Mark, but the supermarket chain has rules about no photography. We don’t know for sure, but we assumed they didn’t want people to take photos that might help in planning a break-in.

  2. I’m finally home!

  3. Isn’t it the best feeling to know that your son has friends who love him and that you like them, too? Edinburgh seems to have been a very good choice for him. Quirky enough, too, with the castle and Fringe festival and macaroni sandwich. (How was that?)

  4. Craig Ferguson once asked, “If it is the unknown how do we know about it? We don’t know.” I’m glad you’ve gotten to know Aaron’s friends and what’s going on at the Fringe, and I’m glad Radio 4’s Comedy Of The Week podcast has featured Fringe performers so I can know some of what you might be enjoying. And I hope more people get to know Neal Portenza.

  5. I love that he has chosen friends over desserts …. seriously expanding 💛
    Now that you have landed, take time to notice what is evolving rather than reincarnating the past. Enjoy this whole experience and have fun with the new ❣️

  6. Will you ever write a song about socks? Or Oscar?

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  8. Now those are socks!

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