Day 2052: Take the pledge

Yesterday, I saw this request to take the Icelandic Pledge.

I like that pledge. Will you take other pledges with me?

I pledge to treat others as I wish to be treated.

I pledge to look for beauty and humanity wherever I go and share it with others.

What pledge would you take?

I also pledge to blog every day as best I can and to NOT stress out when I encounter (usually temporary) problems along the way.

Finally, I pledge gratitude to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to YOU.

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33 thoughts on “Day 2052: Take the pledge

  1. What is WordPress doing? Can you see the photos here?

  2. Ironically, I took a pledge to share beauty and then it was particularly difficult to do so today! I hope I fixed the problem and my photos are here. If not, you’ll just have to pledge to go to Iceland some day and see for yourself.

  3. They are there and they are magnificent! Thank you, Ann, for sharing this fascinating look at Iceland! As for the Iceland Pledge, it is a good one, with slight modifications to match the place, to follow anywhere you are in the beauty of nature. Tread lightly and remove anything you bring in with you. Yep, even poop! You aren’t a bear and everyone wants to enjoy the woods in a pristine state! LOL!

  4. Hi Ann, what magnificent scenery, and I pledge not to be green with envy,… Keep the photos coming, they are awesome, and I’m not jealous, OK, I’m not, really I’m not 😉☺️💛

  5. A splendid gallery. My pledge has to be the photographic one

  6. Your photos are here- and wow what views!

  7. Be still my heart. Iceland I love you! And I will take your pledge.

  8. All but the initial photo are nothing but code on the email preview … but are stunning in full on the post, Ann.
    I pledge to marvel at the beauty of Icelandic nature, chuckle at the humor of the Viking poster, thrill at finding Wooly and wonder about the crash of dishes on the floor.

    • I pledge to tell you how wonderful you are at every opportunity, Mark, and to explain how the crash of dishes was part of a display in a small Icelandic shopping mall about the aftermath of an earthquake. Thanks for finding me here, again.

  9. What a wonderfdul pledge. I would pledge it in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing the magnificence, magic and fun of Iceland 💛

  10. Those are beautiful photos, Ann. Did you see a glacier calve? What is that tiny castle in the stream? It seems that waterfalls come from the sky in Iceland or from flat land, not syeep mountains. Where does all the water come from,then? It seems to defy physics.

    • I pledge that your wonderful comments come from beautiful places, Maureen, and I hope they keep flowing, just like the waterfalls in Iceland.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What a great place and I like the pledge. I hope tourists are adhering to it. I’m assuming that a few of those photos were at a museum that showed the destruction after a volcanic explosion. At first I thought you had some kind of mishap at your accommodations. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep those photos coming.

  12. Stunning Ann, thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Those pictures are magnificent. The Icelandic Pledge–one I’ve known most of my life as simply “the campsite rule”–is a philosophy I follow everywhere I go in nature. If I take anything with me I take the trash left behind by others.

  14. Awesome pictures. Thanks for showing us around. Safe travels.

  15. How cool, Ann! I’ve been so busy packing and preparing for our move since we sold our house, that I’ve missed reading your blog for a while. I had no idea you visited Iceland! It’s THE place to visit now, it seems. A good friend just returned and two more are going this month. I’ll have to be satisfied with Florida for now due to my guy’s health issues, but if the ReCODE Protocol helps him, maybe we’ll get to go too!

  16. Wow what pictures!! 🙂 amazing!

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