Day 2051: Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest

When I see “Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest” these days, I inevitably think of the scary effects of global warming, like the wildfires raging in California right now. However, when you see “Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest” when you’re in Iceland, it refers to geothermal phenomena like geysers and naturally heated pools.

However, when you see “Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest” at Ann’s blog, it could mean many things.

What do you think of when you see “Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest”?

Feel free to leave a Fierce comment below.

Natural gratitude from Iceland to all those who helped me create this “Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest” post and — of course! — to you, my Fierce and/or Natural readers.

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25 thoughts on “Day 2051: Meet Mother Nature at her Fiercest

  1. fiercely neat photographs and time difference. Have a great trip.

  2. Stunning photos! But when I heat “Mother Nature at her fiercest” I worry about my son and daughter-in-law, who are hiking an apparently dangerous trail in Iceland right now, with two others. Is it raining there?

    • Not at the moment. It was raining about 24 hours ago. I believe your loved ones are safe. You are a naturally fierce mother, Maureen!

      • Maureen

        Ha, thanks, Ann. I would love to be naturally fierce! I heard from my kids — they are encamped on a field of snow in the mountains somewhere, safe and happy. Also, there are no human-mauling wild animals in Iceland, apparently.

        Hope you have a wonderful trip!

      • Thanks for letting me know there is nothing to fear from fierce animals here, Maureen!

  3. Awesome Photos Ann, My Mother taught me not to be fierce, the Blue Lagoon looks incredible, soothing and peaceful. xx

  4. I think I love Iceland!

  5. I visited Iceland some time ago, a most peaceful place, thanks

  6. Iceland appears marvelous through your eyes, Ann. In so many cases, its fierce is outstanding.

  7. Something people may not consider fierce is that you’re blogging several hours ahead of your normal schedule because you’re in a different time zone–a reminder that when the sun, a very fierce phenomenon in itself, sets in one place it rises in another.

  8. I love fierce girls and women. And I love Nature. And Mothers. But I especially love your licorice pictures. That salt licorice is fierce on the tastebuds…

  9. Goodness, that milky blue water! Was it warm? Iceland looks fascinating. The landscape is fierce. I liked this e little rocks with initials on them.

  10. For me it is the power of the sea, when unleashed by the winds

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