Day 2050: WOW

  • WOW! We just arrived in Iceland via WOW airlines.
  • Do you see any WOW moments here?
  • WOW! There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Iceland Airport. That reminds me of my WOW hometown of Boston.
  • I was WOWed by my conversation with my LYFT driver to Boston’s Logan Airport, Johnny.
  • We are now on our way to be WOWed by the beautiful Blue Lagoon.
  • WOW! I’m successfully publishing my first blog post from Iceland.
  • WOW thanks to all who helped me create today’s WOW post and to my readers, who continue to WOW me!
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    31 thoughts on “Day 2050: WOW

    1. Wow!!!!!! Your first blog post from Iceland! Congratulations! I look forward to hearing a little about the Penis Museum. I hope you have a wonderful time.

      • Wow!!! My ex-sister-in-law and I were wowed by the description of the Penis Museum in the WOW flight magazine. As usual, Maureen, you wow me with another wonderful comment.

    2. May you have a WoW time

    3. lots of them! can’t wait to see your stories from here. i’m thinking about a wow trip to iceland as well in the next year or so )

    4. Wow, you’re officially a long way away from your home, my home. The “W”onders “O”f “W”andering the far away world…..

    5. I see you will WOW us from Iceland, Ann. It looks marvelous.

    6. wow! Enjoy! A friend of mine is also in Iceland now… how crazy is that… or coincidental. or just WOW!!

    7. I’m enjoying your trip already Ann!!!! Safe travels and fantastic times to you!

    8. Wow! Would love to know how you felt about Wow Airlines. We were looking to fly with Icelandic Air and stop over in Iceland for a few days but the good deals of the past seem to have disappeared. Iceland will have to wait for another time. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

      • WOW airlines is a good deal, Carol! I hope you make it to Iceland soon and am always grateful when you make it to my blog!

    9. Wow! I’m amazed that for such a small country Iceland has produced many great musicians. And that you’re still blogging but clearly going from Bos on to Iceland suits you to a T. And that the stars find me gorgeous. I read that just before getting ready to swim, the kind of coincidence that makes you say “Wow!”

      • Chris! Your comment wowed me so much, I’m reading it aloud to Deborah, my traveling companion.

        I wonder if you’ll be WOWed by this Weird Al song.

    10. Wow to all of it. Enjoy your trip!

    11. We loved Iceland, even though it was pretty expensive. Hope you enjoy the Blue Lagoon–we thoroughly did! Make sure you see the geysers too–they’re amazing!

    12. How long are you going be WOWing Iceland with your presence Ann! I hope you have time to get to that museum. I expect there are som WOWs there 👀😉💛

    13. RS

      Great post! Keep it up!

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