Day 2049: Self Acceptance

Yesterday, myself and several other selves discussed “Self Acceptance” in a therapy group.


All the selves in that group agreed that “Self Acceptance” is an important topic and something that people need to practice, practice, practice.

Here and now, I’m practicing self acceptance as I make decisions about what to pack for my trips to Iceland and Edinburgh.  I will accept myself whether or not I bring along my ukulele and/or my laptop.

I am also practicing self acceptance about the other photos I took yesterday.







Here‘s a Billy Joel song about self acceptance:

Self acceptance and gratitude now!




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24 thoughts on “Day 2049: Self Acceptance

  1. I’m a long way off self acceptance Ann, I’m off to China in October and I’ve no idea how I’ll be accepted over there. I’ve never flown out of Australia before, so for me being accepted in a foreign land is going to hard for me to accept. !!

    • Ivor don’t worry about being accepted. Just enjoy the experience. More and more people are travelling to China so foreigners are becoming more commonplace in China.

    • If I may I’d like to offer a little more advice: you’ve already shown courage and self-acceptance by being willing to take the trip. Just keep that in mind and, to quote another Australian, “Just say g’day g’day g’day and you’ll be right.”

    • Self acceptance now, Ivor! Accept that you deserve acceptance from yourself and from others.

  2. Good luck with the packing for two other countries, Ann. I’m not much of a world traveler, so I accept that I can’ offer any help with what you’ll need most.

  3. Take the laptop and ditch the ukulele. You’re more likely to damage the ukulele than the laptop.

  4. Hear hear
    And that billy Joel song reminded me of my childhood – a little red radio and the sitcom that used to have that song!
    And whew – self acceptance leads to enjoyment and self celebration – freedom! But a way more enjoyable life –
    And happy packing

  5. I’d recommend both the laptop and the ukulele, but then it’s you, not what you carry, that matters. Traveling light is the ultimate self-acceptance.

  6. It takes a lifetime

  7. Maureen

    Did you ever imagine that you’d one day go to Iceland, back when you were a kid or in university or a young mom? It is remarkable how many interesting places you visit. Are you going hiking? Will you be singing in coffee bars? (Trying to imagine how the ukulele fits in, and somehow I keep coming up with either campfires or audiences) I hope that you have the time of your life.

    • I never imagined I would write a daily blog and have remarkable readers like you, Maureen. We just have to accept that our lives have unimagined riches ahead.

  8. How lovely to contemplate such a wonderful traveling opportunity. I think the reminder that self-acceptance takes practice-practice-practice is particularly nurturing. Thank you!

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